Spring 2011 Fashion Do’s and Don’ts

Ah spring is here Upper East Side! The birds are chirping, the once frozen tundra a bit on the muddy side, and spring fashion is in full bloom. Spring fashion, unlike any other season, allows our pasty “it’s fine ill have one more cookie” holiday bodies to explore a rude awakening ahead: bikini season. In light of the, well lighter hours, and inspired by Mr. “I’m so fabulous in orange pants” on my morning subway ride today, I have decided to give the Best and Worst Trends of Spring 2011.


  1. The 70s vintage look.


Oh it’s out there and it’s hitting us harder than Charlie’s Angels.  High waist jeans, floral/flirty blouses, aviator sunglasses, and fur vests are among some of the fabulous trends to watch. It’s all about luxury these next few seasons. Cognac, berry tones, rich neutrals, and sage undertones all prevail.  Even Quinn on Glee has adapted the “Farrah Faucett”-esque hair cut. This trend started in early January, and from what I’ve seen of both New York and Paris 2012 Fashion Week, it won’t stop until 2012 reigns in. So brush up on your disco movies, get a crush on John Travolta in “Saturday Night Fever”, and embrace the 70s ensemble.


Ahoy Matey! Prepare for everyone to might  look like they stepped off a boat. I have been very partial to this trend for many season now, and am thrilled that this trend came back with a modern twist. Around January-February of every year, companies encourage clients to get out of the post-Christmas funk with a collection of “resort wear”. Corals, bright pops of yellows and reds, and nautical themed clothing always dominate the trends until Spring becomes full swing. This year, nautical has beat its February expiration date, and promises to sneak into our Summer wardrobe as well. It is Americana at its finest; red, white, with shades of blues. Stripes or pieced items. Nylon jackets and skinny pants. Put on those Sperry boat shoes, learn how to tie a Boat knot or two, and tie a scarf around your neck. For my hater friends that have been harassing me about boat shoes for several seasons…suck it…I was right.

3. Coral lips.

It’s a new play on the classic red lip, but with a fashion twist. Warning: make sure your lips are moisturized post Winter chapping, because no one likes to look like a sweaty clown. Pick a color tone that makes your lips pop, and choose neutral makeup to downplay the vibrant color.

 4. Menswear

Shania Twain may sing about “feeling like a woman”, but all fashion wants to be is manly! Think vests, fedoras, dark jeans. Humprey Bogart yet Audrey Hepburn.  Pant suits with feminine twists or tailoring, and menswear inspired shoes. Tommy Hilfiger recently came out with a heeled boat shoe (nautical and menswear combined=pure joy), and other brands are following suit. The boyfriend jeans have been a common trend the past year, but other brands like Victoria’s Secret came out with the “lean boysfriend”; denim with a slimmer feminine leg.

5. Lace

Lace is everywhere for spring. Loft and Express currently came out with lace tees, which become a great feminine pop under suits. Headbands, purses, even shoes! It’s all about the feminine touch, especially in neutrals like nude or grey. Be wary of this trend, as too much lace CAN be a bad thing.

Worst Trends

  1. 70s inspired looks.


Yes, it was my top best look. However, it can be very, very bad if combined wrong. Corduroy pant suits? Never.  Paisley? Stab me in the eye. Handlebar mustaches are never okay. Rule of thumb: if you look like you might belong in a 70’s porno…you are probably wearing it wrong. The whole point of the year’s trend is 70’s with a modern twist. Not 70’s “buy from a garage sale”.

 2. Rain boots

Ladies, we wear them for durability and for practicality, not for cute factor. They are bulky, make your feet look like those belonging to Big Bird, and no amount of cute printed whales on the sides can make them look sexy. Still not sold? With the necessity of rain boots to be, well rain proof, the thick rubber gives little for breathing feet room. With Spring’s unpredictable ways, you could go from cold feet to not so sweet feet the next. Warning: bring a second pair of socks.

3. Spring Outerwear

It’s in colors because it has to be. In fashion companies, clothes are often on the floor a month or two before the weather actually hits. Buying that fabulous trench full price may seem like a great idea, but you can’t wear a thin piece of nylon during a blizzard. Spring is the ultimate player, and I’m sick of her hard to get ways. Either it’s warm, or it’s cold. Make up your mind. Kate Middleton’s beige Burberry trench is beautiful and a great color for everything, but not all purpose weather. Nor does it look cute with a thermal underwear.

 4. Socks with Sporty Flip Flops  


In a world far, far away, I was my own victim of this fashion crime. High school girls think they look so cute, so athletic to wear long over-the-knee socks paired with shorts and athletic flip flips. When you’re coming home from a softball/soccer game; sure, wear them out! If you’re going to the movies/just feel like wearing them…you look slightly more butch and less Britney Spears. Not that either looks are good, but if you’re trying for feminine…they aren’t the trend. If you must wear over the knee socks, tuck them into your rainboots and call it a day. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



–Ashley Massis

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