You Know You’re a Real New Yorker When…

You Know You’re a Real New Yorker When…

I love the fact when two of my friends post articles that relate to a lot of the topics in my blog. “You Know You’re a True New Yorker When…” is part satirical, part anecdote, and a lot of hilarity that gives New York it’s heart. Some I have passed (You never tell a cab driver where you’re going until you’re inside the cab) and some I have failed (When you’ve been here at least five years (weeds out the college dilettantes) combined with when you start talking about the thing that used to be on that corner three stores ago). However, the heart of the article is what makes me appreciate New York writing. There’s the good, the bad, and the ugly. Yes, we ignore the smell of urine in the subways because it is our means of transportation. After a while, you just get used to it. Yes, we’ve the drunkard puking on the subway doors at 4am, or maybe one of you might have been that person. (Disgusting, and I bet you’ve learned).

I’ve been having my own quarter life crisis, if you will. I have been thinking about what my next steps are, what are my next goals to conquer, to strive for, to fail and to try again over. One of my goals has caused me to rethink about living in the city, and trying out another one. In my wayward mind state, this article has given me a reminder of why I fell in love with Lady Liberty and “the City that Never Sleeps”.

So thank you friend that posted this. I am going to share it with the blogging world. Now I have my “to do” list ready.

…minus the whole idea of a rat crawling on my face… I’ll pass.

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