NYC’s “Hearts Gamble” Sells Out First Show

A group of local actors make their first film and sell-out opening night of the Manhattan Film Festival. The short film, “Hearts Gamble” is relatable, intimate, thought provoking and humorous film. Much like Sex and the City, it depicts the friendship of four men as they discuss questions and thoughts relating to relationships, fidelity and love. But that’s where the similiarities stop.


Over five years ago Kee Seymore and Sean Gallagher met waiting tables in Times Square, and decided to write a play together. After winning awards for the theatre version they decided to adapt it to film, enlisting their friend Courtney Carter’s Age Quad Agis LLC to produce. Courtney enlisted a talented up and coming director in Jerry D!gby to tell the adapted stage play in an artistic yet commercial way. The result, a fantastic character driven piece that has garnered the attention of legendary filmmaker’s such as Robert Townsend, and associate producer and NFL running back Steven Jackson, who got involved when he realized, “It was a film I didn’t want to end – the characters and themes kept me not only engaged but invested.”

Hearts Gamble features up and coming actors Ser’Darius Blain, Kee Seymore, Sean Gallagher and Ben Atkinson. Shot in Los Angles in late 2011, its acceptance to festivals all over the country hasn’t been as exciting as their NYC premiere on Opening Night of the Manhattan Film Festival. To be invited to the Manhattan Film Festival is an honor. To be invited and asked to open the Film Festival with your movie is a dream come true for many aspiring filmmakers.  But, to do all of those things and then sell out completely your first night, is unheard of.

That’s exactly what “Hearts Gamble” did.

I had the honor of speaking with Kee Seymore and producer Courtney Carter. Both spoke excitedly and proud about the project. “I’ve never produced before,” Courtney admitted “I signed on because I was passionate about the project. I love “passion projects” and felt strongly that there was something special here”. For Kee, writing the story was easy because it was based on past experiences and friends’ past experiences. “It’s relatable because it’s true.” Kee explained.


After speaking with Kee and Courtney, I see what the hype is about. The film is indeed a passion project, but it’s relatable characters make you want more.  “Hearts Gamble” key tagline says it all: Cards are dealt, drinks are poured, secrets surface and conflicts arise. The concept is intriguing, and I know the audience will be disappointed at its short length, because they will want to know more. Although the first showing is sold out, I encourage you to see the second showing during Manhattan’s Film Festival.

WHEN: June 30th

WHERE: Manhattan Film Festival, 7pm


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