Conveyor Melds Electronica and Harmony for Sweet Sound


Brooklyn based but spreading its delicious sound across America, Conveyor, is more than deserving of the nation’s attention.  Recently returned to the United States following a spot in Toronto’s NXNE (North by Northeast), Conveyor has covered the entire continent with its appearances at Austin’s SXSW as well as Montreal’s Fringe Festival. As icing on their already scrumptious cake, the guys from Conveyor are heading out on their own nationwide tour to support the release of their LP on July 17.

Descriptions of the band’s melodic and harmonious tunes laced with synthesizer beats and quirky vocals form a general consensus:    Conveyor is unique, ingenious and causing quite a justified stir in the music community. With a sound that has been compared to the likes of Animal Collective and Brooklyn’s ARMS, Conveyor creates mellow, but upbeat music that almost posesses a transcending quality. As their self-promoted song, Woolgatherer demonstrates, words aren’t even a prerequisite for their lyrical expressions. The guys from Conveyor have no trouble getting their emotions across with little more than harmonious and often repeated vocal sounds only. When they do include lyrics, they can be quite silly on the surface, like Short Hair‘s, “Mmm you have short hair, but your face is so long.” Likewise, many songs feature more impressive lyrics, “A greater place I’ve never been than homes. And wild are the ones I call my own.”


Another remarkable characteristic of the band’s flavor is the immense range it covers. From synthesizers to acoustic guitars, from soft soulful stanzas to intense screams in Two Davids, Conveyor’s musicians handle various musical styles with ease and effortless transition. In their coming LP, fans can experience a plethora of emotions within the eleven songs the band has chosen to represent their powerhouse collaboration.

The band is celebrating the release of their first album with a show at New York’s Mercury Lounge next Thursday, June 28. Conveyor takes the stage at 10:30, and will debut the first physical copies of the self-titled LP at the show. With the buzz this ensemble has caused, it’s a shindig worth checking out.

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WHEN: See for yourself at in New York’s Lower East Side on Thursday, June 28 at 10:30.

WHERE: Mercury Lounge, 6 Delancy St. in Lower East Side

—Shanna Gibbs

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