Hard Rock LV Meets The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk

Dying to get away from NYC this weekend? Come on out to The Sloppy Tuna in Montauk! If you live in NYC, you know that getting out of the city and heading to the beach is a huge priority. When you’re within travel distance from Long Island, New Jersey, and Coney Island, the opportunities are endless. However, sometimes you just want to get away, relax, and have a good time. The question is….where do you go?

The town of Montauk on Long Island is one of those laid back fisherman towns that makes you feel like you’ve been transported far away from the concrete jungle of NYC. It’s beach, sand, and everything summer. With a 200 year old lighthouse, historical beach cottages, and endless outdoor activities, Montauk is the ultimate Summer Beach Getaway town.

The Sloppy Tuna






With temperatures hitting over 100 degrees the next few days, I know Summer and margaritas are the only two things on my mind. I’ll be heading to the Montauk this weekend to check out the The Sloppy Tuna. Founded in 2011, this bar/restaurant is known for its “all about the fun” relaxed atmosphere, delicious food, and infamous “dance all night” Saturdays. After making some sexy beach renovations, The Sloppy Tuna is back this summer with a new menu, new indoor/outdoor bar upstairs dubbed Rocky’s Roofdeck, and an awesome summer entertainment lineup. If that hasn’t piqued your interest, this weekend the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel  will be taking over. Offering incredible raffle prizes and giveaways like  hotel suites at the Hard Rock and Cabanas at their Rehab pool party, it looks to be a really fun time!


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