Kurio on the Upper East Side

When Kurio opened on the Upper East Side on the quiet street of east 92nd, I instantly knew I had to check it out. Upon walking by, it was quaint, welcoming, and located on one of my favorite streets in New York. Trees decorated on the outside suggested an intimate atmosphere.

Upon arriving, we went to the bar to have a few cocktails. The drink menu is long. Priced at a reasonable $10, the cocktails have fresh ingredients and the bartender did not shy on the alcohol. She was very knowledgable and gave great suggestions. The mojito was delicious.


Kurio’s interior (photo credit: yelp.com)

I must note that although the cocktail experience was pleasant, it is not meant for those who have later plans. With its laid back atmosphere, the staff is lax as well. It took 15 minutes for the cocktails to be served (as the bartender was texting for 10 minutes), and another 30 for appetizers to arrive.

The atmosphere reminded me of a faded, 1960s hotel room in New Jersey. It smelled stale, a little too decorated, and too lax for my personal preferance. The menu is all over the place, and doesn’t specialize in any specific dish.  Although other websites show great reviews, I’m not overly impressed with Kurio’s results. 

(Overall Rating: 2 of 5 stars)


338 E. 92nd street (closer to 1st ave)

New York, NY 10128

Phone: 212-828-1267

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