PushMethod, Catch Wild Play Babysitter to Ailing Writer

“Guys, I’m so sorry. I think I’m going to be sick.” Not exactly one of the notes I’d scribbled down for my interview with Catch Wild, this statement turned out to be the end of the interview and the beginning of a very long night. Thanks to two very amazing bands, I survived and now have the beginning of a lovely tan.

Having been invited to attend Catch Wild’s show with PushMethod at Asbury Park’s Press Room, I thought it only proper to make an entire day of the occasion and spend some quality sand and sea time before heading to meet up with the bands. Several hours and minimal sunscreen later, I heard myself utter those words as I realized I had sun poisoning.

Photo Credit to catchwild.com

When Catch Wild’s Jessica Rose suggested that we adjourn to the back porch area of the venue to conduct our interview, I was happy to oblige. Though I was physically in pain from excessive sun, I generally felt fine and ready to rock. Once the band began to spill details on a variety of topics from how they came together to how their music progressed to inspiration and writing style, I furiously jotted down each word in my self-adapted shorthand. Suddenly everything seemed a little slower and much less stable than before. I started to feel slightly dizzy and extremely nauseous. Focusing on bassist, Swinny’s words seemed a daunting task and capturing them on paper an impossible one. Moments later, I heard the words tumble from my mouth, and the band sprang into action, fetching an industrial sized trash can and a glass of water.

Retching and barely strong enough to walk back to the green room wasn’t quite what I had in mind as a lasting impression of myself for Catch Wild. Thankfully, they are rockstars in every sense of the word and kept their eyes on me all night. I made a quick appearance for the beginning of their set, and Jessica even checked on me from stage before commencing with what the band maintains was an amazing show. I believe them.

The ever-attentive boys from PushMethod left an incredible impression on me as well and essentially concreted our budding friendships from my perspective.

When I finally made it to the green room, I found that I was freezing, despite the fact that everyone else was fighting for the chair near the fan. Inexplicably, my teeth were chattering and I was actually shaking. Even curled into the fetal position I couldn’t find warmth. All Tavis Eaton needed was to hear me ask for a jacket. It seems that cue acted as his bat signal, as the next time I saw him he was giving me a spare t-shirt from their car. With the added warmth, access to endless water and a lengthy period of sleep on the green room couch, I actually felt well enough to check out the PushMethod show, though I had to sit in a chair through the band’s intensely energetic set.

Due to some delays in the show, New Jersey Transit’s final train departed without me that night. It probably wasn’t the best place for me in my condition, anyway. Thankfully, the PushMethod guys offered to clear a spot for me on their trip back to the city. An expected two hour trip by train, the boys got me back to Manhattan in just over an hour, including a stop at Burger King. Less travel time, food and the company of three awesome dudes? I’ll take that over the noisy NJ Transit any day.

PushMethod didn’t stop there, though. As we pulled onto the nearly deserted streets of Hell’s Kitchen, Eaton made it very clear that the guys had no intention of making me ride the train all the way back to Brooklyn. As he shoved cab fare into my hand, Eaton just repeated, “You’re NOT taking the train tonight. You’re NOT.” As if kickin’ it with Eaton, Dusty Youree and Michael Lapke wasn’t cool enough.

Seriously guys? You are the definitions of rock stars. I owe you my undying loyalty.

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