Sullivan Hall Welcomes Parry Adams, Unadulterated

Praised for her raw honesty and pure simplicity, Parry Adams may prove a force to be reckoned with against musical trends highlighting complex collaborations and varying technological effects.

Though there is a definite appreciation for the talent, dedication and creativity that goes into this type of music, it is clear from the undying popularity of singer/songwriters that society still places value on the honesty of lyrics and straightfoward melodies.

Photo Credit to NickyOphotography

Cue Adams and her new EP, “Puzzle Piece” featuring a collection of beautifully written and easily accessible tunes addressing a variety of common concerns, life experiences and clear thoughts derived from “my life (past tense and the present that’s being lived right now) and the observations I’ve made of those living along side me.”

Now available on iTunes and CDBaby, Adams’ tracks are composed of a classic combination of instruments (drums, piano and guitar), and her heart and soul is clearly captured here without the cloak of metaphors or imagery. “Puzzle Piece” is unadulterated truth through her experience and centers around her voice as it naturally flows, sans technology.

Adams finished her first tour late last year and has spent a significant amount of time composing and recording her album. Though she’s no longer on the road, Adams is still performing and hoping to get back to Philadelphia and her native Pittsburgh soon.

In addition to her daily dose of encouraging tunage on her Positivity Project site,  Adams is scheduled to grace Sullivan Hall with her optimistic influence and delightful voicebox this Thursday, July 12 at 8:30 p.m. A perfect addition to Thirsty Thursday or remedy for a long pre-weekend workday, Adams’ performance promises to offer the respite necessary to soldier through until the blessed weekend.

WHEN: July 12th, 8:30pm

WHERE: Sullivan Music Hall

214 Sullivan Street
New York, NY

Phone:(866) 468-7619

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