Girl Fronted Catch Wild Reaches for Perfection

Immediately following their show, Daniel Bradley, Jessica Rose, Doug Atkins, and Eric “Swinny” Swiontkowski, otherwise known as Catch Wild, fill The Press Room’s green room with ideas around improving the performance. Bradley admits dropping his drumsticks, while Atkins and Rose discuss his broken guitar string and her lack of sound for one song. Despite the recognition by the band members of room for improvement, everyone seems to agree that the show was amazing.

“We have a natural tendency to do that after a show,” Rose explains. “With Catch Wild, we are always, always trying to improve and striving to be perfect. That kind of perfectionism is what will keep us moving forward and hopefully set us apart from other bands.”

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs (missbanana)

Like Rose, the other members of Catch Wild are eager to share what makes them tick and how they’ve come to find their identity as a band. Beginning with Rose and Atkins as a singer/songwriter duo, Catch Wild has made immense progression to the girl-fronted rock band they are now, but according to Rose, the soul of the music remains the same.

“The music that we’re doing now is rock music, but at the heart of it is really a singer/songwriter start,” Rose maintains. “It’s not really that much different than how we started. The heart of the song is the same, it’s just how we dress it up now: with more of an electric sound.”

Atkins concurs and adds that the band’s new sound is derived from the marriage of Atkins and Swinny’s music and Rose’s lyrics and acoustic melodies. Atkins and Swinny attribute their musical styles to the likes of old school bands like Foo Fighters, Bush, Soundgarden and Third-Eye Blind and others as well as a few newer, local bands including Mutemath.

Aided by Kickstarter and the support of friends, family and new fans, Catch Wild recently released their first album, “Waking Up With Fire,” which Swinny maintains contains the band’s “blood, sweat and money.” Recorded at Big Blue Meenie, “Waking Up With Fire” is availabel on iTunes and showcases Catch Wild’s hard work, fused sound and particular writing methods.

“Our writing method is generally that the music comes first,” the band explains. Rose agrees that this is most often the case.

“We dive into the music first, and when I have structure and a melody, I write the lyrics,” she notes. “Sometimes, we come up with the chorus line first, then write the tune around that.”

Regardless of their writing method, Catch Wild’s music, reinforced by the addition of their new drummer, Bradley, carries a powerful ability to move bodies and draw an audience. Rose expresses that Bradley, a recommendation from a respected New York musician, has been welcomed to the band without resistance and connects well with each member. According to Rose, Bradley’s connection to the group is a significant part of why he and Catch Wild have come together.

“With musicians and finding new musicians to join the band, it’s a lot like dating or courting someone. It’s a really intimate relationship. The musicianship of course is paramount, but of equal importance is that person’s vibe, personaltiy and attitude,” Rose says. “We found Dan and kinda knew it was a great fit. He has a really positive attitude, and he’s willing to work.”

Now that Catch Wild has clicked with a new drummer and released a collection of tracks, the band’s focus has turned to polishing their performance and stage presence.

“At this level we pretty much have the other stuff down, but the performance aspect is something we’re really working on” Rose voices. “Live performance is a big part of an artist’s career. Writing music, playing an instrument and singing are all skill sets. The actual performance of that as a team is a whole other art form.”

Since practice makes perfect, Catch Wild continues to book shows where they can refine their art.No Pulp Music is hosting the band at their Tuesday showcase at Arlene’s Grocery on July 24, an event Catch Wild doesn’t mask excitement for.

“Industry people will be there to tear away from the weekend bridge and tunnel crowds,” Rose explains. “PushMethod did it last month and had a really awesome experience, so we’re really looking forward to that.” NYSocialStatus is looking forward to it as well.

WHERE: Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St.     212.358.1633

WHEN: Tuesday, July 24. Doors open at 8.

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