Latest Speakeasy “Cash Bar” Hits Murray Hill NYC

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As a big fan of NYC’s hidden bars and speakeasies, I have been waiting for the next “secret” hotspot to hit the scene. When Yelp reviews leaked of Death & Co, Little Branch, Bathtub Gin, and Milk & Honey, the land of the unknown became not much more than an angry bouncer outside a packed bar with overpriced drinks. Long gone were the days of the exclusive, the secret, and the mystery that initially attracts people to these hidden gems.

We wait no longer as Thrillist today announced the opening of  The Cash Bar. Located in NYC’s  Murray Hill behind a red wall with an out of service ATM machine, the bar is the newest speakeasy to hit the scene. Much like the Back Room, The Cash Bar is going for an authentic feel by serving cocktails in teapots and offering light tapas.

“Simply look for the $ sign on East 34th, between Park and Madison Ave, and find the “Out of Order” ATM Machine in the foyer of an unassuming sports bar” Gothamist states. 

The decor has an American presidental theme. With a coin decorated table, presidential wall hangings, metallic and dark wood finishes, and a glass case supposedly to have  “a million dollars cash” in it, this bar is ready to become a new trend. Quirky presidential themed cocktails such as the “John F. Kennedy” or the “Thomas Jefferson” round out the theme to give you a full ‘Merica! feel.

The Cash Bar website says very little, if anything about the opening and what to expect. Whether this is a “reservation only” bar like Milk & Honey is still undetermined, but unlikely with the leak on Thrillist. All the websites are unsure of whether credit cards are accepted. With a broken ATM being the front of the business, I would take it as a sign to bring cash as a safe measure. We’ll be sure to hit up this bar ASAP and give you a full review. In the meantime, if you can’t wait, be sure to check out The Cash Bar for some themed bar fun.

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The Cash Bar

WHERE: 58 3/4th East 34th Street

New York. NY

Opens: Thursday, July 19th

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