Why Women Love Bad Boys

Damon Salvatore knows how to rock those Black V Necks in perfect mix of Sex Appeal and Bad Boy Allure. Girls be warned.

Women love bad boys.

You look throughout your growing pains of years and think back to all of your crushes. Was it the football player that didn’t pay you more than 5 seconds of attention except for asking you to pass the ketchup? Or, was it the cliche detention loving emotional “bad boy”, with more daddy issues and sexy hair than you knew how to deal with? Human nature is to love what we can’t have. Look at Adam and Eve for instance. Eve was tempted by the apple and the power, and today we females are tempted by the power of possibly taming a bad boy.

Now let’s dive in to why.

1. Bad boys are hot. They possess a certain allure. We know we’re going to get hurt. We know they’re going to use us and not call back. But damn, they’re hot. Many women pine to tame the bad boy. Studies claim that the “bad boy” quality isn’t just a stereotype, but a high level of testosterone. Higher levels of testosterone cause prominent brows and wider jaws, which many women see as a source of strength and attractiveness. Who knew our own primal estrogen could be secretly self sabotaging ourselves by sniffing out the bad boy?

The stereotypical Bad Boy always rocks a hot car…and sex appeal.

2. The sexual energy bad boys give off. No matter how much sex is available to us through internet, media, songs, and books, sex is taboo. That’s why it is still popular and sells. Our sexually charged society tells us to stay away from sex, and our morals tell us it’s wrong. Therefore, dipping your toe into the forbidden seems reckless and adventurous. Sex is dangerous, and something good girls shy away from. Bad boys reek of sex.

 3. The chase. Both females and males love a chase. When you have to work for something and you finally achieve that goal, you feel like you’ve earned it and you appreciate it more. Bad boys are hot, and can get whomever they want. However, what if you chased them and they realized they wanted you?

4. The media. With the media working hard to sway our decisions to buy this product or that product, they are also contributing to the allure of the “bad boy”. Literature characters such as Christian Grey of  50 Shades of Grey or Damon Salvatore of the Vampire Diaries are popular because they give us something to day dream about: an attractive, powerful, rich male, who falls for the innocent good girl. That kind of bullshit makes us believe that we have a chance, when in fact we’ll just fall under their spell and be left with less dignity and possibly an STD.

Our favorite Brit, Emily Hart, gives us her Top 10 Reasons Why Women Love Bad Boys. Glad to see overseas they fall for it too.

So ladies/gents, I get it. We can’t stop the chemical attraction, nor can we stop falling under their spell. They are like greek sirens, with their allure and tight tee shirts. Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.



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