AG Revamps Original Beatles Songs

Photo credit to Jen Rosenstein 

AG wants to “be your man,” and she’s making that very clear with the debut of her new music video featuring her inspired version of The Beatles I Wanna Be Your Man.

At the beginning of the world influential band that is The Beatles, four guys in search of peace, love and music signed a less than attractive publishing deal with their first six songs. Esentially, they signed and the publishing company received rights to these songs forever, making them the only songs not under the control of Sony. Fortunately for today’s music scene, Round Hill Music recently acquired these publishing rights and has bestowed upon AG the honor of making these songs her own through “inspired work.”

“They asked me to some ‘inspired work’ and it became a much bigger thing for me than I expected,” AG admits. “It’s bringing out my activist in a very weird way.”

As an avid fan of The Beatles, AG has avoided remaking Beatles songs out of respect; however, given this rare opportunity, she took the chance to commemorate the band and make her own contribution to their original songs.

“I’ve been a student of The Beatles since I started playing music,” AG remembers. “I’ve always been very respectful not to cover Beatles songs, but I took this as a challenge to do it. It’s really hard to do a good Beatles cover, and you’re not really supposed to.”

For AG, this is an opportunity not only to honor The Beatles but to raise awareness about causes she feels passionately for.

“I started thinking about things that I’ve always been passionate about but never really had the time or focus to raise awareness about,” AG notes. “I’m not just on this planet to make music. If I’m in the public eye and can have any influence on young people and what they can look up to, I want to do that.”

Photo credit to Jen Rosenstein 

For AG, the passion lies namely in the struggle for gay and transgender rights, though she does adamantly advocate human rights and equality in general.

“I’m hoping that this project does more than show a chick covering Beatles songs,” she says. “It’s more like, here’s a chick singing gender-bending songs.” She couldn’t have chosen a better song or composed a better video debut to back this message.

Make no mistake, though, AG is no one-dimensional artist. Along with her known work with her band, The Rescues, AG’s been on her own, colorful journey since the days of gradeschool choir.

Born and raised in Miami by New Yorkers who relocated for “safety,” AG, whose birth name is Adrianne Gonzalez, has a long-standing and loving relationship with music, despite a rocky start. When Gonzalez dropped out of choir in her early years, her mother gently forced her back to music with death threats based on the recommendation of her instructor. Her move to Boston to attend Berklee College of Music suggests that her instructor was on the right track.

As a band member, solo artist and now breakthrough video director, AG maintains that music keeps her alive.

“It saves my life,” she claims. “It’s where I go when nothing else makes sense. It’s why I feel like I’m here.”

Dabbling in multiple facets of the music industry has been beneficial for her, both as an individual musician and as a part of The Rescues. As a solo artist, being in a band is a completely different experience according to AG, the main difference being that she doesn’t get to “run the show.” When The Rescues comes together, four people who usually act as sole decision makers must work together as a group to create their music. AG maintains that the growth of each member independently only serves to strengthen the group.

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“When you come together in any relationship, you’re bringing yourself into it,” she explains. “All the time away that we had, when we come back together we’re stronger in certain ways. We perform better because we’ve had our time alone again. It’s awesome.”

Likewise, the band’s style has an undeniable effect on her personal music.

“The reason why I go by a moniker now is because I didn’t feel like the same artist before The Rescues as a do now,” AG says. “I needed to do that because I didn’t feel like I was the same writer.”

In addition to her newly released video, AG has several awesome projects on the docket for the next few months. She’s also just released a solo EP, Me After You as well as the collection of Beatles covers and is very happy with the end product on both accounts.

“I’m always sort of torn between music that makes you feel great and music that tears your heart out of your chest. I wanna do both,” she expresses. “I think this EP does that.”

On the other side of the camera, AG is preparing to write the next video for her Beatles songs. Though she won’t star in this video, she is writing and directing it and already has wonderful ideas for the theme. No need to spoil a good surprise, but the underlying element of the new video will be “love is love and there really is no wrong kind of love.”

Perhaps the most important part of AG’s upcoming plans is her scheduled tour for her new solo music. Though she will be going to several cities, one significant date stands above the rest. On September 25, the day before Miss Banana’s birthday, AG is slated to take the stage at Rockwood. Fingers crossed that she grants the request to dedicate the show. In short, AG is out and on her way to New York. Get. Excited.

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