A Player’s Favorite Word: “Babe”

The dictionary defines the word “babe” as a slang term for endearment. In society, a “babe” is a attractive guy or girl. It can be used as a cutesy term between a boyfriend and girlfriend,or  a term to describe the hottie that just walked by in front of you. It’s also the most favorite term for a player to use on his next victim. Skilled at manipulating others, a player gets what he wants through charm and the art of words. The traditional master of words, heartbreaker regular, this boy will do absolutely anything and everything to get his prize. By using “babe”, he makes his prey feel special, pretending to care about them, while really he just wants sex.

Reasons to use “Babe”:

-He might not be able to remember your name.

-He might be talking to so many women, that it’s just easier to use “babe” so he doesn’t mess up.

-He thinks he falls into the same league of Frank Sinatra, and tries to charm you.

Be forewarned on this type of charm. Like a spider, he will weave a web of lies, deception ,and create a false layer of trust for to fall for. However, once you fall on your back and his 2-5 minutes are done, you’ll be nothing more than a cell phone number he might call when things get desperate at 3am. But how can you be mad at this relationship phobic being? Media tells us to believe the saying  goes  “Don’t hate the player, hate the game”. This goes for females too. Ladies, if you want to call everyone “babe” that’s fine, but just know there is a preconceived notion of you being a whore if you want to play the field.

Playas, play on. Just be careful who you mess with. Or you could end up in the next Taylor Swift song, or my next post 🙂





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