Guys and Gals Gone Crazy










**AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’ve been attacking the “game” and the “player” lately. After receiving comments about my advice being biased, let me repeat myself by saying, either type can be male or female. A cheater is a cheater. A player is a player. End of story.

–And onto the next “Advice in the AM”—



Yesterday I wrote a post about baggage, and those blaming others while putting themselves in a “sea of de-nial”. (see what I did there? SEE?) However nothing is ever black and white. Sometimes there are a couple of “bad apples” out there who ruin if for the rest of the normal crowd. These “crazies” make the dating scene look bad for the rest of us.

Now that that’s out of the way, I want to give a little piece of my mind about the “crazies”. After speaking with several male and female friends, I decided to write a piece about the “crazy” exes and stalkers in our lives. This goes for all of those that don’t understand that they are not in the past relationship any longer, those that want to burn in the old signficant other’s minds how much better they are off, and those that haven’t been in that relationship created one in their minds.

To avoid being “that girl” or “that guy”, please note the following signs that you have officially gone off the deep end. If you are guilty, please turn off your phone, check yourself, and do something to become a productive member of society.

Oh Kris Humphries…move on

Signs you might be a crazy ex:

1. If you send a text/call and do not receive a response, do not send another one. Using the “?” one syllable text won’t help you either

2. If you have called more than 3 times and have not left a message, received a response, or are in spotty service

3. If you want your target to meet all of your friends, but you have not gone on one date.

4. If your friends know everything about the other person, from their hair color to when they lost their first tooth, but you haven’t gone on a date yet

5. If the only way you get their attention is by crying/threatening reactions (borderline insanity)

6. Checking their Facebook/Social Media accounts using the old passwords you remember

7. Driving by their house/apartment and/or texting them about “who’s that car in their driveway?” (crazy)

8. Arriving at the places that they “Checked In” on Facebook at. “Oh I just happened to be in the neighborhood” is a terrible response. You’ll most likely get a “Oh I just happened to call the police” right back at ya.

9. If you’ve reached out to their parents/siblings to work against them. THAT. NEVER. WORKS. Is that how you want to restart a relationship?

10. Drunk texting incessantly. Remember, phones should be turned off after 1am. Nothing ever good comes out of that ever.

Attention Crazies: Ladies and gents, you look pathetic. If the other person wanted to be with you, they would be with you. They would be texting you daily, checking up with you, and making it a point to be in your life.

As I said before, nothing unfortunately is that black and white. If they are not putting in half the effort, run. If your player beau is 20% to your crazy 80%, I get that you want to keep sending texts,  because you get a response. You don’t deserve it, and neither does he/she. Those that don’t want crazy, strive for normal and stability.





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