Prepare To Be Moved

Imagine walking down a busy street, pushing past people, trying to get somewhere and suddenly there’s a scent in the air that’s familiar. It takes you out of the moment you’re in and moves you back in time or maybe forward in time, but it moves you. That’s what Madison Cano does. She moves you with her fearless lyrics and vocals, and her sexy direction-forging sound.

I first heard singer/songwriter Madison Cano in Madrid in 2009. She was playing an acoustic set upstairs at El Gato Verde in the Lavapiés neighborhood. With guitar in hand, she took a seat and looked out at the group, then, she smiled. Within seconds, her onstage charisma and powerfully luscious voice had turned strangers into friends. Over the next year, Cano formed the group Madison Cano with musicians Sergio Valdehita, Tony Cabo, Sergio Alarcón and Pablo Ruiz.  And their first album, Pulleys, Levers, and Other Simple Machines, was recorded in 2010 by Royal Drag Studios and released in June 2011.

Well, it’s 2012 and this sultry songstress who’s a bit of Concrete Blonde, a bit of folk, a bit of pop, and a bit of Judy Garland is still bringing people together, but this time in New York City. Simply put, she’s the real deal, baby. Born in Southern California and a graduate of NYU, Cano, even while in Madrid, has always stuck close to her roots. Her songs are innovative in that they are emotionally intelligent; they make you feel. At times her lyrics might make you laugh or cry, and at other times think, and more often than not you’ll be awestruck listening to her. But no matter what, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be moved to feel something. The reason Cano’s music has this affect is because it’s authentic. She’s not trying to be anything other than who she is, and who is she … Madison Cano.

Check her out! Here.

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