FWB,Non Exclusives, Bros, and the Bras

Mila Kunis tried it. As did Natalie Portman. Both fell in love in their “Friends with Benefits” situations, and road off into the subset. In bro/bra terms, they essentially failed the agreement.

We all know what the “bro” is. The possible jock, the guy that you’re attracted to with his modern James Dean/player personality, and enough phone numbers in his cell to keep him occupado for at least a semester.

Ronnie brings bro to a whole new level. Mix in a Jersey Italian with bro qualities and you’ve got an unemotional Mama’s Boy

But, what about the girl? In every “FWB” or “Friends With Benefits” situation, it’s always depicted as the chick getting hurt, while the “too cool for school” bro gets to move on. I’m introducing a new species in our time, the cool chicks I refer to as “bras”. The “bras” are girls that have the same brutal “take em or leave em” mentality, with the Meghan Fox bad girl hot persona. I’m also calling them “bras” because, well we wear them.  Like the bro, they’re heartbreakers, and not looking to commit.

Meghan Fox is the ultimate bra (photo credit:people.com)

When a bro meets a bra, a Friends With Benefit commitment can occur. This is the ONLY situation. I don’t care that you are “willing” to give up your right to be wined and dined because you think that they’re marriage potential. If they wanted to be yours, they would make it known. If a guy/gal is interested, they wouldn’t go 72 hours without talking to you. If they’re just texting you on a Friday night at 1am, it’s because they need a release of the physical kind.

The urban dictionary defines a “Friends with Benefits” situation as “Two friends who have a sexual relationship without being emotionally involved”. Another explanation is more simple-“friends by day, buddies by night”.

There are no “buddies”. This situation never works. Unless you have two likeminded (and I mean EXACT minded) people that have no problem doing the deed without a little emotional zest, this situation never-ever-ever-ever- ever-ever and i mean ever..works. You have to be emotionally unattached The whole reason it was suggested in the first place is because someone had an attraction to the other person. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be trying to connect with some sort of commitment (even if it’s just a friday night comfort). You’ll only be left with one less friend, and someone will get emotional baggage.

Not exactly what you need to be carrying onto your next relationship.

So when you’re thinking about getting attached to an unattached situation, think again. Either have a one night stand or a commited relationship, but advice of the day is: “Don’t bang your friends”


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