Pure Yoga



In my efforts to make this Labor Day weekend most productive (as it was the only weekend I spent in Manhattan all Summer) I was eager to sleep in, walk around, eat healthy, not drink (yes–not drink) and hit up PURE YOGA ! I was excited to try out this new studio, as it is affiliated with Equinox gyms. The website was easy to navigate and the pictures made it feel quite luxe. That made me feel a little intimidated, however, as soon as I walked down the steps to this tranquil oasis on the UWS (PURE West), the feeling quickly subsided with the warm greeting I received. The staff was quite helpful in showing me around the studio as well as the locker room–much like Equinox–comes fully equipped with a steam room, showers, tons of towels, hair-dryers, mouth wash, lotions and q-tips–this set up could make forgetting your toiletry bag at home a complete non-accident.

I had scrolled through the abundant list of classes available (as there are multiple sessions to take during each hour). It can make choosing difficult, but trying something new a challenge!

I took a Friday night class, called Candle Light Flow (thinking that if this couldn’t help me delve into my long weekend after a crazy work week..I mean–Summer, then I didn’t know what would)?! I had a little help in choosing this class as a suggestion from a coworker, claiming it was a great hip-opener (both of us being big runners, I gladly took her suggestion)! I personally have been doing yoga for three years now.

After landing my first job in NYC after graduation, I found myself unemployed a short 8 months later. Yoga is what got me through. I’m so thankful to my old roommate (she also happened to be unemployed at the time) who basically begged/convinced me to go with her. At first, I skeptical that yoga would (1) be body changing, (2) be anything but easy, (3) be something I would do more than once.

I was wrong.

So I walked into this practice (as I try to do any) with an open mind, ready to learn. I did poses that I had never heard of before! The class itself is pretty popular and full, so I unfortunately found myself posted up in the front next to the wall. I had room, but found myself looking to my neighbor to check out a pose or two (or three) if I was unclear. The instructor played an awesome, soothing playlist of music that filled the candle-lit room, but was louder than I am used to making it a little difficult to hear him at times. Most poses were talked through (not demonstrated) however, the instructor did walk around throughout the class fixing your positioning if necessary. We held standing poses and then went through flows and concentrated fully on the right side of the body/(hips) for a good 20 minutes and then did the same (obviously) on the left. At the end I was out of breath and sweating alot. I felt great knowing I got in a good workout, completing it, and knowing I had bragging rights in my own mind for how long I held the Happy Baby pose! Nonetheless, I finished the practice in the slightly heated candle-lit room with a smile and a feeling of accomplishment. I was able to walk the next day (and more importantly the day after that) and actually felt stronger on my run. I would absolutely attend this session again, as I was told this session remains similar in practice, so after time, I would indeed get better/stronger.

Sometimes you just have to give something a first go. If I never tried yoga for the first time then I would never have experienced this awesome evening. If you’re thinking of trying something new PURE YOGA would be a great first stop. If my experience can speak for the rest of what this studio has to offer then you’re sure to leave a happy yogi! Check out their website and go give them a visit at either one of their convenient East or West side locations. They will be more than happy to walk you through all that they offer in terms of commitment and practice. I left PURE YOGA and can’t wait to go back, and you undoubtable will as well!



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