Dating Technology

Technology’s come a long way.


Dating anywhere in our age of technology is tough. Our worlds are controlled by social media networks, cell phones, etc. New rules of dating have stepped in as we adjust to our lives under the microscope of Big Brother. If your beloved plays a word on Words With Friends in your game, do you play one immediately back? If he texts you after you don’t hear from him for 8 hours, do you reply or wait? If they ignore your message, but “like” something on Instagram or Tweet about something, does it mean they’re not interested? If they doesn’t tell you their plans, but check in on Facebook somewhere, should “just happen to be there”?


…well no….that would get you a restraining order…EVEN if they made it public

All of these questions can make you dizzy. All of these “up to the minute” updates can leave you feeling like your privacy has been invaded. With a more open scene of social networks, and a open regard to our generations’ sexuality, should old age dating rules be shelved next to our VHS tapes and audio cassettes?

No they shouldn’t. If someone likes you, they will make effort. You might not get the “Ryan Gosling via The Notebook” chase, but you will get someone trying to be around you. It’s not about the grandeur of the actions, but the fact the actions are taking place. Appreciate the little things and you’ll never be disappointed.

And if they don’t make the actions, they aren’t worth it. Don’t give me that B.S. about them in millions of excuses either. Sometimes they just aren’t into you. If that’s a little too much salt to your wound, think of it this way: it’s a chemical reaction, not your personality. I have many guy friends I would LOVE to date….if I was sexually attracted to them.

So ladies and gents…keep the mystery up. The harder it is to track you down, the more mysterious you’ll be. They won’t already know your entire life via Facebook before your first date, and the allure of getting to know you in the “pre Facebook” way will be appealing. Also, if they make the effort to track you down, they’re worth it.


Put the damn cell phone down, and do something “old worldly”…like reading a book or something. What a concept.





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