What Does Your Soap Say About You?

Over the years, I’ve become somewhat of a stickler for organic products. I download data on the health benefits, friends forward articles, and I research over and over what products are the best to buy organically. Although I think a lot about what I put into my body, I rarely think about what I’m putting on it.

Six months ago I started reading the ingredients of my lotion and facial cleanser. Believe it or not, in most beauty products I found BHA and BHT, Formaldehyde, PEGs, Petroleum and more, all of which have been linked to or may cause cancer. So for all around health, thinking about what we put on our body is just as important as what we put in it. For the last six months, I’ve been using natural lotion, scrub, cleanser, and shampoo, and the verdict is in.

My dry skin has disappeared, my skin is smoother, I’m sporting a super glow, and overall I feel cleaner.

I’m hooked on products from a company called Siam SEAS. The products, which I’m calling super food for the skin, are chock full of natural properties that restore, rejuvenate, and radically rock the cells to the core.  All the products are handmade and the recipes combine herbs, fruits, plants, and flowers indigenous to Southeast Asia.

If someone had told me years ago that Tamarind could lighten some of the dark blotches on my skin or that something called Safflower could reduce cellulite, well, I would have stopped using harsh chemicals on my body way before now. So, I’m spreading the word here. The company makes everything: hand soap, body scrub, a coconut collection, a detoxification collection, skin moisturizers, face masks, shampoos and conditioners.

I’m a fan of all their products, but my favorite so far are the body scrubs. My top three:

1) Malva Nut & Honey: Reduces cellulite and stretch marks.

2) Noni & Honey: Packed with vitamin A,C,K, and other antioxidants that help slow the aging process.

3) Coffee scrub: Ground Thai coffee beans energize the skin cells.

Because I truly believe in these products, I reached out to the company and let them know I was going to write about them on this blog.

What did they do? They gave me a promotion code!

For NYSS readers, use the discount purchase code CYNPB30 for a 30% discount on all products. The shipping is a flat rate of $5. The promotion code expires in December, so get cracking.

**NY Social Status would like to thank Siam SEAS for their help with this article (and their promotion code)**

2 thoughts on “What Does Your Soap Say About You?

  1. This is great but my one big concern would be carbon footprint. Surely there must be a relatively local (even on the same continent) company that makes these kinds of products from local sources? Importing products from Thailand may be great for the skin, but not so great for the planet. Their website also does not say anything about how they obtain the plants they use, sustainable growth, fair trade or factory conditions, which would be my other concern especially as southeast Asia is not exactly well known for high standards in these areas. I think I will keep looking to support local companies. If you know of any, that would be great!

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