Taylor Swift Debuts New Single to Benefit Cancer Research

After being MTV Video Music Awards closing act, Taylor Swift is having a good year. Her latest single “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” has been gold in the land of Itunes, she is in a very publicized relationship with a Kennedy, and her vintage clothing tastes are in talks to have an inspired clothing line. Lucky for us, she recognizes it’s time to give back.

In a very intimate performance on September 7th’s 3rd Annual Stand Up to Cancer 2012 Telethon Taylor Swift sang her second single off her upcoming album “Red”, titled “Ronan”.  In a star studded event including performances from Justin Timberlake and Alicia Keys, the Stand Up to Cancer 2012 Telethon was not only a success, but memorable. Unlike most of Swift’s songs, which are about relationships/broken hearts/kissing in the rain/stupid boys, “Ronan” is an emotional song of substance.

After reading a blog from a woman named Maya Thompson, Swift was inspired to write a song based on Thompson’s son, Ronan, who passed away last year from specifically a neuroblastoma, which is a cancerous tumor, last year. Maya Thompson is listed as co-author on the track. All proceeds will go to cancer-related charities via the Taylor Swift Charitable Fund, and it is available on iTunes.

Lyrics like “I can still feel you hold my hand, little man. You fought it hard like an army guy”, guarantees a tear might fall from your eyes. Taylor Swift, you have a heart of gold.


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