Courtney Glo Mobile Spray Tan In New York City

It’s officially Fall. Our tans are fading, yet fashion trends call for warmer colors such as Burgundy, Mustard Yellow, and Sunset Orange, which always look better with a tan. It’s hard to stay out in the sun and keep the tan, when you’re working 9-5. In the fast paced life of New York City, it’s all about saving time and creating efficiency.

Courtney Glo

With traffic and public transportation, traveling anywhere in the metro area is a hassle. Courtney Glo is one of the few companies in NYC that comes to you any time you need a spray tan. As an upscale, and eco-friendly 100% Mobile Tanning service, they are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Besides efficiency, NYCers are also looking at health conscious decisions. With tanning beds under the spotlight due to their extreme health risks, consumers are turning to healthier options such as spray tanning. As non-believers in artificial bed/booth tanning, Courtney Glo also contributes directly to skin cancer and melanoma related causes.

Courtney Glo spray-tan gun

As Courtney Glo says in their statement, it is “all about the gun.” At a light six pounds, the tanning gun is something to be reckoned with. However, I don’t believe is really is all about the gun. Through careful research and experience, Courtney is an airbrushing expert. The gun may distribute the solution evenly, but it is the technician behind the gun that makes it look good! Using high quality products made in the U.S.A. with EcoCert DHA, the tan develops in four to eight hours (depending on level of darkness desired). Courtney offers a free consultation taking into account your skin tone and tanning expectations by being able to choose one of three different shades.

At the end of July, I was in severe need of a little color. After having an atrocious tan line and having to wear a strapless dress with it, I made an appointment with Courtney Glo. They were professional and extremely helpful as we discussed the different tans. Closer to the appointment, Courtney sent me a reminder e-mail with helpful pre-tanning instructions (such as showering at least four hours before, shaving, etc)

At 5 p.m. Courtney showed up at my apartment. She immediately made me feel comfortable, as she explained the process while setting up. Although I wore my bathing suit, Courtney came well prepared with disposable thongs. With a small NYC apartment, I found it amusing that Courtney was able to fit her black tanning tent in my kitchen. Once she was fully prepped, I stepped into the tent.

Courtney Glo model

Courtney Glo model (Photo Credit: Courtney Glo Facebook)

Courtney was extremely professional and fast as she applied the base spray tan. She made me feel comfortable as I stood in my bathing suit in the middle of my kitchen. I was surprised at the sweet bubble gum-like smell of the spray tan, as I am used to more of a sour/chemical smell. Since I had an event that night, Courtney sprayed a rapid solution with a higher DHA, which allows faster drying . After the solution came the moisture lock, which Courtney explained helps the longevity of the tan.

After a fast 20 minutes, I was three shades darker and Courtney was packed up and ready to leave. After giving strict post-tan instructions such waiting at least four hours to shower or use oily products, Courtney packed up quickly and was out the door. The whole appointment was fast, painless, and I didn’t even have to leave the apartment.

For an added personal touch, Courtney sent me a message later in the night to check up on me. After a quick shower five hours later, I was a bronze goddess and ready to go to the party.

So why not keep wearing that bronzer a little longer? Why not be the envy of your office with a “post vacation” after glow?

To schedule your own Bronze Glow with Courtney Glo, click here

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