Curations By Stefani Greenfield Continues Tribal Jewelry Trend

Tribal jewelry and attire has been a popular trend this summer and continues to expand into Fall. Whether larger pendant pieces or intricate gold details, the tribal jewelry trend is all about making a statement.

Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde (Photo Credit:

Celebrities such as Olivia Wilde have been rocking the trend, whether paired with a fitted tee and jeans for a casual look, or a cool maxi dress and gladiator sandals for the City Chic look. One of the main designers who have been ahead of the trend is Stefani Greenfield. With her line, Curations by Stefani Greenfield, this designer brings the tribal jewelry trend mainstream in an affordable way. Greenfield’s mission statement describes the jewelry: “from the outdoor bazaars somewhere in Morocco to the fashion runways of Paris, you’ll find pieces to address every facet of your lifestyle.” In an array of shapes, sizes and colors, the collection is not only easy to match, but available in a variety to complement any outfit.

(Photo Credit:

For a statement drop necklace, try the Round Pendant Necklace. Available in Turquoise or Coral, the necklace retails at an affordable $69.95. The pendant has linked sundial-design stations, with the larger one at the bottom. In a heavier weight, the necklace feels as bold as it looks. The piece looks great casual or dressed up.

Stephanie Greenfield Flower Pendant

Flower Pendant (Photo Credit:

For a gold piece, try the Flower Pendant Necklace. Available with Tuquoise or Coral accent stones, the piece is bold and feminine. Try the “Boho Chic”look with a flowing skirt and a tank top as a trendy summer look.

Stephanie Greenfield pendant

(Photo Credit:

If you are more simple in your accessories tastes, the Pear-Shaped Stone Drop Necklace is a perfect complimenting piece. With a simple gold chain and in a variety of stone colors, the piece is both romantic and stylish. Dress up a button down woven or jeans and a t-shirt for a simple intricate detail. Retailed at $39.95, the Stone Drop Necklace is both fun and price conscious.

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