Fall 2012 Jewelry Trends

This Fall, trends are all about the detail. For jewelry, it’s the sparkle, the shine, or the intricate embellishments that make a statement piece. This week, we celebrate Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. We look towards designers and celebrities to see what’s trending and essential pieces at an affordable price. One of the easiest addions to any wardrobe is jewelry.

As the weather cools down, and we prepare to switch our wardrobes, don’t forget to update your jewelry collection with some new trends! It’s amazing how one piece can transform a basic outfit.

Fall/Holiday’s Five Essential Jewelry Pieces

The Eminence Brooch by Carla Marina

1.       The Brooch

Wrap a wide scarf around your shoulders and pin with a brooch for a luxurious, “step out of a magazine” look.

Carla Marina is known for her intricate details. This season, she introduces her “Royalty Collection”. Inspired by Portugal’s Royal Treasures, her pieces are all about the luxury and the detail. I love the Eminence Brooch. Layered in 18K Gold, the Brooch is has simple colors, but its details stand out.

2. Metal Details

Metal details are a huge trend right now. Whether gunmetal, bronze, or gold, it’s all about the hammered and textured accents. Wearing with something feminine or soft, adds an “edgy” look.

Tuleste Market was founded and is designed by sisters Satu and Celeste Greenberg. Since 2007,  Tuleste Market planted its roots  in New York City, and has been expanding ever since. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian have been seen wearing their collection of modern, layerable pieces is starting to become known, and Fashion Press such as WWD and InStyle magazine has taken note. I like Tuleste Market’s Interlocking Heart and Star Necklace. In the Gunmetal color, the necklace brings edge to feminine detailing. Tuleste products are available on Shopbop or their website.

3. Mix & Match

Sarah Jessica Parker loves mixing and matching for a unique look. (photo credit: instyle.com)

I love the idea of mixing and matching different lengths and sizes of combined necklaces. Celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Parker have mixed weights, styles, and stones to create the layered look. Jewelry by Courtney Simmelkjaer, give the mix and match allusion to create of character and attitude. The product is made in NYC, and can be bought on her website or local NYC boutiques. Ranging from $40-$180, her pieces are intricate and mix different materials. I love the Rita style by Courtney Simmelkjaer. It can be paired with jeans or a dress, and styled up or down.

The Amalia by Ela Rae (photo credit:http://elarae.com)

4. Bohemian Chic

Fall fashion is bringing back alot of rich textures, layering pieces, and the 70s Bohemian Chic styles. Velvet, gold, and rich colors were seen throughout Fall Runway, and looks to be here to stay throughout the Holiday season. Ela Rae is a line of whimsical and unique jewelry. Created Pamela Mufson, her bands of beads (ranging from $78-$154) can worn singularly or in multiple strands for an original look. Her designs have been getting alot of attention lately, such as multiple appearances on the trendy show Gossip Girl. Ela Rae’s Amalia Bracelet ($150) captures the Bohemian Chic trend in one bracelet. With brass, coral, and turquoise accents, it is a rich and whimsical piece that would look great casual or dressy.

5. Vintage Inspired Pieces

Through fashion, we tend to recycle styles and designs and bring them back with a modern twist. When you think of timeless fashion, you think of timeless style like those of Audrey Hepburn or Elizabeth Taylor. Vintage jewelry pieces infused with contemporary styling modernize the pieces and keep it trendy. Vintage inspired trends are timeless, glamourous, and a “Wow” piece. They make a statement with their glitz and glamour, and look amazing when kept casual paired with dark denim.  Liz Palacious bases her designs off of her intial passion of collecting antique jewelry.  I’m obssessed with her Dangling Golden Shadow Earrings. Made with SWAROVSKI Elements, these earrings are classic yet have the glitz of vintage fashion. I’ve caught myself wearing them days back to back, as they are easy to transition with different outfits, and are in a great neutral color.

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