Adam Lucidi Keeps Comedy Breathing

Comedy in New York is hit or miss. Generally, the closer to Times Square, the lower the probability of a hit. Thankfully for New York Comedy Club in Murray Hill, comedian Adam Lucidi is dedicated to reminding audiences that real comedy isn’t dead in New York City.

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In Lucidi’s case, comedy originated just south of Pittsburgh, where his father accompanied him to improv shows at the early age of sixteen. Encouraged by the likes of Brian Regan and Lewis Black, Lucidi was ready to embark for New York City a few years later, post-graduation. Thankfully, his parents applied the usual pressure, and he paused to obtain a degree in communication. Though he may not be using this degree in a traditional way (Lucidi walks dogs, but communicates well with them), his knowledge of the subject is clear when watching him perform.

Having trained himself expertly, Lucidi embodies the perfect combination of his primary comic inspirations, Regan and Black.

“I love Regan because he’s so funny, clean and for his physical humor,” Lucidi explains, “and I love Lewis Black for the stage presence/attitude.”

Lucidi’s performance, while fun and generally family-friendly, is enveloped in an air of sarcasm and intelligence, lending his humor to a wide range of audiences despite their variety of interests. In short, he’s a perfect host, which could explain why the staff and fellow comedians at New York Comedy Club are nothing but supportive of him.

“Clayton has been extremely good to me as far as shows and even with the club,” Lucidi notes. “Al, the owner of the place, they’ve all been extremely good to me as far as wanting to help. The waitresses here are like sisters. They’re like, ‘Do you have your cards? You ready to pass your cards out after the show?’ It’s a nice little family here. It’s always fun when you can surround yourself with people like that.”

In addition to hosting comedian Clayton Fletcher’s show at the club, Lucidi has recently become a frequent guest of a series of podcasts engineered by Dennis Holden, creator of Dennis Has a Podcast. On a recent feature, Lucidi shares with fans his love for and expertise in the world of all things 90’s, or as he puts it, “anything! Anything from 90 to 99!” Whether the question revolves around use of pogs as currency or the travesty behind the uselessness of protecting beanie baby tags, Lucidi has the answer and most likely an anecdote to explain it. This relatable quality and ability to give words to the shared thoughts of his audience is part of Lucidi’s charm. His newest podcast episode, aired only yesterday, promises an in depth, passionate discussion with publicist, musician and comedienne by habit, Kate Hensler.

Like every ambitious artist, Lucidi has a plan for his career track including appearances on some very well-known shows and eventually a segue in motion pictures.

“I would want my career to go kinda like Adam Sandler’s did,” Lucidi explains. “He started with stand up, went to SNL then went to movies. SNL hasn’t been too good, so maybe focus more on the stand up. Maybe SNL, definitely movies.”

Having seen Lucidi live and heard his episode of Dennis Has a Podcast, I for one am hoping that this career progression goes as planned, and quickly. Although the New Yorker in me wants to keep him a secret just a little longer.

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