Review: DAVIDsTEA’s Cocktail Collection

DAVIDsTEA is known for their unique flavors and custom teas, and is considered the “go to” spot for some of the greatest loose-leaf teas and ingredients from around the world. Flavors range from traditional straight teas to a variety of exclusive blends and unique flavors. What makes DAVIDsTea unique is that their teas are not just tea leaves, but also contain some of the best spices, fruits, nuts and herbs from every corner of the world.

Besides having a variety of teas, DAVIDs TEA also creates collection sampler packages. They make great gifts, or give you the option to find out which flavor truly suits you. One of the latest collection’s to hit the shelves is the Cocktail Collection ($25.50). Featuring five special teas with ingredient cards to make cocktails, this collection adds a little sophistication to a Ladies’ Night In or Happy Hour.

One of Cocktails featured in the Cocktail Collection is the Kanpe Cordial Cocktail. DAVIDsTEA created their own blend to help support KANPE, an organization that seeks to put an end to the cycle of poverty by encouraging financial independence in Haiti. The tea is a celebration of Haiti’s culture, as it is both flavorful and has rich layers of taste. It is created with hibiscus, a common Haitian folk remedy; mango, Haiti’s most popular fruit; plus other distinctly Haitian flavors, including cinnamon, banana, papaya and coconut. It’s tart, sweet and delicately spiced. All profits go straight to KANPE.

When I tried the Kanpe Tea by itself, I thought it would be a great Summer tea, or refreshing iced tea, as it consists of a fruity blend. However, when you mix the tea with dark rum, heat it up according to the recipe card, and pour over ice, it becomes a delicious Fall drink. With a little heat from the spiced hibiscus, this cocktail reminds me of something I could sip on while sitting on a rooftop on a cool Fall night.

When I brought a few girlfriends over to test out the cocktails, some requested the ultimate “girly cocktail”: something pink and bubbly. Luckily, DAVIDsTEA thought of that with the Goji Pop Fizz Cocktail. The Goji Pop Tea is made with flavorful goji berries. It creates a delicious pink swirled color tea. When adding gin, lemon lime soda, and lime juice, it ultimately becomes a fruity, fizzy, punch like beverage. It’s a little tart, and dangerously drinkable.

A cocktail hour wouldn’t be anything without a Mojito. The classic drink is a staple in bars, and easy to make. DAVIDsTEA gives the classic drink an exotic twist with adding Silk Dragon Jasmine tea to the recipe. The addition of the smooth and silky taste of the jasmine tea to the classic mint and lime concoction creates a sophisticated and modern drink. The unexpected ingredient of the Jasmine adds an elegant twist.

Review Bottom Line: I would definitely purchase this as a gift or for a party. It was fun to test out with the girls, and I could see the collection giving a dinner party that “sophisticated edge” without spending too much money.

Good for: Housewarming Gift, Birthday Gift, “Just Because”




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