Review: Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant

Founded in 1938 by Joe Maxwell, Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant has been a staple in the lower Manhattan scene. Known for it’s comfort food, laid back atmosphere, and well stocked bar, this historic restaurant has character and staying power. Based on the “simpler times” that was Joe Maxwell’s legacy, Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant aims to keep the same fundamentals and ease of what once was.

When entering the restaurant, you immediately get a “home town feel”. The bar sprawled along the right hand side when you walked in, while seating was to your left. A large palm tree greeted your way, and pictures of older collegiate/sports teams in black and white lined hung proudly on the walls. There are giant television screens make Maxwell’s a great bar to watch a sporting event, such as Football Sundays. The dark wood theme gave the bar a masculine, comforting, “Cheers”-like atmosphere, and I immediately wanted to feel like a regular.

There is a great beer, liquor, and wine selection. I chose the red wine sangria, to pair with my impending burger.

One of the most known items off of the menu is the Maxwell’s Burger. Made with a toasted bun, sliced angus rib eye, a fried egg, and horseradish mayo, this Burger is decadent comfort food. Upon the recommendation of several frequent customers, I wholeheartedly ordered this dish. Paired with the option of fresh cut fries or a mixed green salad, this dish will leave you satisfied. I obviously ordered the fries (go big or go home).

The Maxwell’s Burger…ohh yeah

Upon first bite, I was suprised that this burger, was well..actually not a burger. Usually in restaurants, you hear “angus burger” and you think of a beef patty mixed with angus meat. However, this was actually angus rib eye slices, smothered in gravy, topped with sauteed onions, and paired with a gooey fried egg. The pairing of the gooey yolk with the rib eye slices was outrageous. The horseradish mayo gave a slight heat at the end, which complemented the red wine gravy.

So many flavors were happening, and my taste buds were jumping for joy.

If you know my “Advice in the AM” column, you know that I usually give the hard truth about dating. If I had it my way, I would absolutely order this on a date. Why? Because it’s messy, it’s delicious, and your date should be seriously impressed that you felt comfortable enough to order it in front of them. However, it is not for sharing. I only let my friend have one bite, and the rest was mine. He was able to sneak some fries when I wasn’t looking.

Besides the burger selections, Maxwell’s also serves comfort dishes such as Meatloaf, Lobster Mac & Cheese, and Flatbread Pizzas. An extensive Brunch menu consists of homemade waffles, French Toast with Caramel Apples, Omelets, Pub Style Appetizers.

I recommend checking out Maxwell’s Bar & Restaurant. It gives the “home town” feel, while being right in New York City. Try the Maxwell’s Burger. Go on, I dare you.

Recommended For: Viewing Sports, Happy Hour, Burger Cravings, Going Out with Friends, Brunch


59 Reade Street

New York, NY

Phone: (917)261-6917

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