If They Like You….

If they like you, they will find you. The “what IFs” have been my mantra lately and I’m tired of excuses.

If they like you, they will call.

Excuse: “But what if he’s shy”

-Then he will Facebook, tweet, like your instagram posts, etc.  We are in a technology obsessed world that makes it easy for the socialyl awkward individuals. Even those that rule the World of Warcraft and Sims platforms will find their own digitially modern way to express their interest. If he likes you, he will make the effort.
If they like you they will travel to you.

Excuse: But what if he’s busy? “We have the same hometown so visiting home is like killing two birds with one stone.”
-No. A man who claims he is chivalrous must act that way. Actions speak louder than words. If he’s too busy at work, he’s too busy for you.

If they like you, they will Facebook friend you.

Excuse: But what if they don’t like Facebook?

Well let’s start with the basic question…do they have a Facebook? If so, there are no excuses. If they didn’t want to be on Facebook, they wouldn’t have one. Even those that only show their picture plus a short bit of information has friends. They also have direct messaging and “poking” capabilities (I HATE poke but that’s a whole different article).  As I said before, our world is highly involved in social media. One of the best ways to check someone out is through Facebook. You can singlehandedly learn alot about someone from their content quality. If they give you some bull shit excuse about not being involved, then they don’t want to make the effort.

Guy or girl, if they like you they will find a way. If they don’t, he’s just not that into you. And no, it doesn’t mean you’re a pariah on society…it just means its not the right one. You are one of a kind, and worth more than some half assed gesture. You deserve to be treated with respect. The bigger the effort, the sweeter the results.
Never settle for anything less than butterflies.





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