McKittrick Hotel’s Halloween Event: Carnival des Corbeaux

 Follow the Master and dance to his drum, Let the Carnival embrace you – the Raven will come.

-Carnival des Corbeaux Invitation


The McKittrick Hotel is at it again. Known for their highly acclaimed interactive play Sleep No More, I couldn’t imagine a better way to get into the Halloween mood than with the McKittrick. As if reading my mind, they have created a series of Costume Themed Events titled the Carnival des Corbeaux.

This event looks to be amazing, as it promises to “witness the oddities of Monsieur Gaufridi’s Carnival des Corbeaux”. The purchase of your entry ticket includes an Open All Night Bar, Suprise Performances, and Guest DJs.

If you have already purchased tickets for the evening’s performance of Sleep No More, your tickets includes Carnival des Corbeaux as well.

Here is a complete list of the Costumed Themes for each day of the Carnival des Corbeaux:

October 26th: Animal Inspired Attire or Entirely in Black

October 27th: Dress in Glamourous and Provocative Attire or Dress Entirely in Black

October 28th: Dress in Your Gender Bending Refinery or Dress Entirely in Black

October 29th: Come as Sorcerers, Witches & other Bohemian Creatures of the Night or Dress Entirely in Black

October 30th: Bring along your identical twin, triplets, or quadruplets are welcome or Dress Entirely in Black

October 31st: Dress as the Carnival Denizen of your Choice or Dress Entirely in Black

WHEN: October 26th to 31st

WHERE: The McKittrick Hotel

530 West 27th Street
New York, NY 10001

TICKETS: Click here for select dates. This event looks to be amazing, so I highly suggest buying your tickets ASAP.

DRESS CODE: Depends on what day you buy your tickets for. I would look at the costume standards before commiting to a night, as it is suggested that you will not be allowed entry if not. Guests are advised to wear sensible shoes.

**If you require assistance, please speak to the Door Man upon arrival. Guests enter the McKittrick Hotel entirely at their own risk.**

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