What Doesn’t Kill You Leaves You With Lots of Cool Music

For a certain group of New Yorkers, the past few nights have been very special. Tonight will be the second night we can sleep without fearing that we’ll miss an amazing band at CMJ.

Beginning last week CMJ Music Marathon took over the city’s most popular music venues to bring New Yorkers a plethora of sounds from all genres and styles. From new age metal bands to funky synth pop, this year’s CMJ had a full menu of awesome music.

While, contrary to belief, I’m only human and couldn’t make every show, I certainly tried my damnedest, and more than a few bands made quite an impression. Rather than hold onto all this awesome knowledge until I can draft a masterpiece, here’s a sneak peek of the bands who made my list at CMJ, aside from PushMethod and Kinetics and One Love(we all know their sets were legit).

Photo credit to facebook.com/manicanparty


The front chick’s fluorescent getup may have drawn the crowd for Manicanparty, but their mesmerizing, other-worldly synth music kept listeners around. Even hardcore rockers couldn’t resist the charm of frontwoman Jessica Corazza as she harmonized to a backdrop of catchy, purpose-driven keyboards and drum beats. Manicanparty put me in my own zone and reminded me what CMJ, and music in general, is all about.


Photo credit to Lauren Keogh Photography

The term “killinit” has become a social media and musically descriptive staple in the vocabularies of many music fans I know. Can’t say I’m not guilty of using it myself, but I don’t think any of us have used it legitimately unless Ambassadors were the subject of the statement. These guys were one of the hardest rocking bands I had the privilege of seeing last week. A unique mix of intense guitar music and body-moving beats, their style was a refreshing change from the indie superstars at CMJ. If those bands were killinit, Ambassadors murdered it in cold blood.

Therina Bella

Photo credit to therinabella.net

Awkward conversation about pianos? Check. Sticky key causing all kinds of trouble? Check. Amazing vocals releasing an array of emotions? Double check. I couldn’t have been happier that I stuck around ZirZamin to see what this girl had to show us. Despite a finicky key and the fact that her songs were composed for guitar, Therina Bella did not cease to impress with her dynamic voice and palpable feelings. Imagine what she can do with the guitar!

Computer Magic

Photo credit to nme.com

Composed only of the keyboardist/vocalist and drummer, Computer Magic didn’t need more than two people to woo the crowd. Perfectly placed to give week-long CMJers a brief respite before Friday night chaos, members Danz and Egan amped up the dance vibe with catchy, rhythmic funk sounds under a borderline angelic, yet simultaneously sexy line of lyrics. Think 80’s, Flock of Seagulls, style, only way cooler. And yes, that IS possible.

Fret not, a more in depth guide to each band who perked my ears is under way. Until then, check out these guys. They deserve it, and quite frankly, so do you.

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