Update 11/5 MTA Updates after Hurricane Sandy

Workers pumped water out of the South Ferry subway station at the tip of Manhattan, which was filled with water up to the ceiling after Hurricane Sandy struck.


Q service has been restored from Ditmars Boulevard in Queens to Kings Highway  in Brooklyn.

New York City (NYC) and its transportation system is slowly getting to its  feet as it begins the start of a new work week.

Following the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, the Metropolitan Transportation  Authority (MTA), which handles the buses and train system for the five boroughs,  suspended service following the flooding on rail tunnels and downed trees

1 train: Van Cortlandt Park and 242st in The Bronx to  14th Street in Manhattan. Service from Christopher Street and  Sheridan Square to South Ferry is still suspended.

2: Service available from Wakefield and  241st Street in The Bronx to Flatbush Avenue and Brooklyn  College in Brooklyn.

3: Service has resumed from  Harlem-148th Street to New Lots Avenue in Brooklyn.

4: Woodlawn in The Bronx until New Lots Avenue in  Brooklyn.

5: Service has resumed from Eastchester and Dyre Avenue  in The Bronx to Flatbush Avenue and Brooklyn College in Brooklyn. No service  from Nereid Avenue in The Bronx to Bronx Park East, customers are able to get  the 2 train instead then switch onto the 5 at the East  180th Street station.

6: Full service from Pelham Bay Park in The Bronx to  Brooklyn Bridge and City Hall in Manhattan. No express service in The Bronx.

7: Service has resumed from Times Square to Flushing  and Main Street, however, there is no express service in Queens.

A: Service still suspended between  207Street to 168th Street. Service is available  at the 168 Street to 34th Street in Manhattan. Additional A  train service in Brooklyn from Jay Street in Brooklyn to Ozone Park and Lefferts  Boulevard in Queens, however, no service to the Far Rockaway nor Rockaway Park  stations.

B: No service.

C: No service.

D: Runs between Norwood and 205 Street in The Bronx to  Bay Parkway in Brooklyn.

E: No service.

F: Runs between Jamaica and  179th Street in Queens to Avenue X in Brooklyn

G: No service.

J: Jamaica Center and Parsons/Archer in Queens to  Delancey Street and Essex Street in Manhattan.

L: No service between 8th Avenue in Manhattan to  Broadway Junction. Serivce is available in Brooklyn from Broadway Juction and  Carnarsie-Rockaway Parkway.

M: Middle Village/Metropolitan Avenue in Queens to  Jamaica Center-Parsons/Archer in Queens with the Queens Plaza, Court Square-23  Street, Lexington Avenue/53 Street, and 5 Avenue/53 Street stations closed.

N: Astoria and Ditmars Boulevard in Queens to  34th Street and Herald Square in Manhattan.

Q: No service. [Update: As of 8  p.m. Sunday, Q service has been restored from Ditmars Boulevard in Queens to  Kings Highway in Brooklyn.]

R: Running only between Brooklyn’s Jay Street to Bay  Ridge and 95th Street.

S: Shuttle service in Manhattan’s Times Square to Grand  Central is running, as well as the Shuttle from Brooklyn’s Franklin Avenue to  Prospect Park. Shuttle Service in Broad Channel to Rockaway Park in Queens is  suspended.

Z: No service.

Staten Island Rail Road has also resumed service from the St. George  Station to the Tottenville Station

**OCT 31

As New Yorkers patiently wait for the transportation systems to be restored, and the sludge/water to be cleaned up by the diligent MTA workers, we have updates on the current Subway/Bus schedules.

Effective before rush hour tomorrow morning, the following is an up-to-date service status list of the MTA operating agencies including New York City Transit, Long Island Rail Road, Metro-North and Bridges and Tunnels.

All of the bridges operated by MTA Bridges & Tunnels are open to  traffic. The Hugh L. Carey and Queens Midtown Tunnels remain closed after suffering extensive flooding.

A trains running local: between 168th St Manhattan & 34th St in Manhattan and between Jay Street & Lefferts Blvd in Brooklyn.
F trains are running local in 2 sections: between 179th St in QUeens & 34th Street in Manhattan, and in Brooklyn between Jay Street & Avenue X
J trains running local from Jamaica Center to Hewes Street
M trains between Myrtle Ave-Broadway & Metropolitan Ave
N trains are running local between Ditmars Blvd in Queens & 34th Street in Manhattan
R trains are running local in Brooklyn between Jay Street & 95th Street

L trains operate between Broadway Junction and rockaway Parkway making all local stops
1 trains are running local between 242nd Street in the Bronx and Times Square-42nd Street in Manhattan
2 trains are running from 241st Street in the Bronx to Times Square-42nd Street in Manhattan, with express service between 96th Street and Times Square
4 trains making all local stops in two sections: between Woodlawn in the Bronx & 42nd St in Manhattan, and in Brooklyn between Borough Hall& New Lots Ave
5 trains running express in Brooklyn between Atlantic Ave/Barclays Center & Flatbush Ave
42nd Street Shuttle S trains will operate between Times Square & Grand Central
7, B, C, E, G, Q train service is still suspended.

The MTA has dispatched buses to the most high-volume bus routes starting at 5pm on Tuesday. Buses are running at full schedule starting Wednesday. All buses will be free until further notice.
The following bus lines are currently running:


M2, M5, M8, M11, M14, M15, SBS15, M34, M34A, M22, M57, M60, M86, M96, M101


Bx1, Bx6, Bx7, Bx8, Bx10, Bx12, SBS12, Bx16, Bx23, Bx27, Bx36, Bx38, Bx40, Bx41, Bx55, Q50


B1, B3, B15, B35, B41, B44, B46, B61, B82, Q58, Q59


Q4, Q6, Q7, Q10, Q12, Q22, Q23, Q25, Q33, Q35, Q46, Q50, Q60, Q65, Q66, Q69, Q101, Q113

Staten Island

S40, S46, S48, S53, S59, S61, S62, S74, S78, SBS79

Governor Cuomo also announced that the Marine Parkway Bridge, connecting storm-wrecked Breezy Point, Queens to Flatbush Ave. in Brooklyn, has reopened.

Governor Cuomo announced midday on Wednesday that the MTA plans to resume limited subway service in Manhattan on Thursday. The subway will not run below 42nd Street, as there is still no power downtown.

Con Edison does not yet have a timetable on when that power might be restored.

There will be a “bus bridge” to Brooklyn starting on Thursday as well, to supplement the subway service, such as the L train.

Those tunnels are for the 4/5, 2/3 and F lines, according to NY1. The tunnels still need to be cleared of sludge and have equipment tested, which could happen as early as Wednesday night.

For more information, please click here.

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