We’re All Prostitutes

I have a belief that as humans we all tend to prostitute ourselves at certain times in our lives. Business transactions are a form of prostitution. Lawyers fighting for something they don’t believe in: a form of prostitution. Women hanging around on street corners to give some middle aged lonely guy his 5 minutes….okay DEFINITELY illegal prostitution.

I had a friend, who would go on online dating websites and have dinner with men in order to save money on groceries. She believed that her time and company was more important to these men, and her stomach was more important to her. Unfortunately, our friendship went our separate ways, as I became appauled with her sugar daddy tendacies. Here I was, struggling with my first out of college job to make end’s meat. There she was, giving middle aged (possibly married men) kisses on the cheek, in return receiving a 5 star dinner a la no strings attached.

Yes..you can totally call me out for being a little bitter.

Unforunately, male or female, many know the way to get under someone’s skin in order to get what they want. I have argued this concept with many friends, but I believe many forms of various business actions are an act of prostitution. Let’s say, you really want to land this deal with a new client. What do you do? You take them out to dinner, wine & dine them, ask about their family, and then later ask for them to sign on the dotted line.

Or, let’s say, you want to impress your significant other’s boss. You dress up, look the part, act the part with your sweetums, and spend ample time talking about politics and who knows else what. You want your S.O to get that promotion, so you both give a little bit of yourselves in order to seal the deal.

Now you with me? Okay, so most of us aren’t on the job being hired to perform sexual acts, or trying to online date to save money on groceries, but most of us do things in our daily 9-5 jobs in order to impress our superiors or get a leg up on the competition that we usually wouldn’t do. When you factor your time and energy into it, really you gave up something pretty pricey. You can never take back time.

So start thinking to yourself…what’s the price on your time?

Enjoy your Monday morning commute…you have a lot to think about now.



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