Stone Cold Fox Opens Up

Fresh off the graduation boat, Stone Cold Fox members, Ariel, Kevin, Roman, Graham and Justin are living every kid’s dream. Just months after Kevin Olken and Ariel Loh collaborated on their first two songs, the two have compiled a five-piece band and are using the city of New York to show the world what they’ve got. And they’ve got something good.

Having worked together during college, Loh and Olken came together once more as a two-person recording project with a database of two songs. Though they may have gone into the project lightly, they discovered a catchy, cohesive sound that morphed into something much more significant.

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“Kevin and I worked in the studio so early on–our freshman year. That was the pretext of our relationship,” Loh remembers. “That was a huge learning experience because I didn’t really know what I was doing. They didn’t really know what they were doing. It definitely set a foundation to what we’re doing now. That’s a reason that can contribute to why we do feel comfortable in the studio.”

Another reason for their studio success may be Loh’s passion and dedication to the art of sound engineering.

“I definitely feel really comfortable in the studio and have a lot of fun in the studio,” Loh shares. “It’s just a really cool process to be in the middle of creating something. Contrastly it’s also really fun to be finished with that phase of creating and now you’re delivering it.”

Loh and Olken also agree that the additional tech intelligence of the band’s other members, who also have degrees in production, only assists in the process.

“We just go in and they know what to do,” Olken explains. “They have fun with Pro Tools where I’d be struggling with Garage Band.”

“Technology is definitely a huge part of our song writing process,” Loh agrees.

While he may not be the most technically inclined in the group, Olken makes up for this difference with his passion for performance.

“Generally I like the sound, the finished product a lot more,” he shares. “I love it. I’ll listen to it and I’ll be happy, but I think playing live has always been it for me. I’m sailing afterward. It’s usually embarrassing because I’m usually so high off of it that anytime I talk to someone I’m like ‘oh thank you, thank you’ and they haven’t even said anything.”

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As a combination of five different musicians with five different sets of skills and musical interests, Stone Cold Fox is destined to have a unique sound. Luckily for this quintet, that’s the coolest part.

“The content of the music and the group of people has been the best part. It’s the best band I think I’ve been in,” Olken speculates. “It’s the first time everything feels 100% right.”

As far as we’re concerned, everything sounds 100% right too.

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