1776-2012 RIP America

It’s a dark day in America cloudy, stormy and I think it is a sign of what is to come. As you all know Barack Obama was re-elected last night in what can only be describe as the beginning of the end of America. Fox News is reporting Joseph Stalin has risen from his grave and is en-route to these former United States as we speak. The Obama camp has announced the retiring of the stars and bars American flag and replacing it with the sickle and hammer of the old USSR.

The first initiative of President Obama’s next four years has already begun, as I write this work camps for the rich hard working Americans are being setup and the trains are starting to be loaded. Under Obama free enterprise will cease to exist. The paychecks of the hard working job creators are already being re-routed and directly deposited into lazy, poor, free loaders accounts. Obama has setup meetings with Al-Qaeda leaders and began assigning them positions in his administration. Obama has eliminated term limits and rewritten the constitution so that only militant Islamist black men can hold the office of President.

I weep today as I come to the realization that the America I love no longer exists. I weep as I realize that our grandchildren will never know what growing up in a perfect country was like. I fold up my flag that flies outside of my 3 story mansion and the trucks just pulled in to take me away. The last thing I write is I hope this message reaches someone, I hope a member of the Tea Party sees this and can save us.

Just kidding. Obama wins! As a friend elegantly put it humans rights are greater than tax cuts to the rich, and that’s the way the people voted. And the Republican Party can expect a long losing streak on a national level when they continue to pander to ring wing extremists and alienate women and minorities. The Republicans have some good ideas financially I’ll give them that, but as long as they have elected members of their party sponsoring bills to redefine rape to make it harder for rape victims to have an abortion they will lose nationally. And as long as they have members who think cutting funding to education and to places like planned parenthood and PBS is the way to fix the economy while giving tax breaks to the wealthy and to major corporations and cutting tax incentives for middle class families they will lose nationally. As long as they have members who say things like “some girls they rape so easy,” and “legitimate rape” and “if a women gets pregnant from rape it is a gift from god” and those fuckers aren’t thrown out of the party, lose all support from their party and are still allowed to represent the Republicans in state elections, they will lose nationally. Luckily all those pieces of shit lost their elections anyway.

Obama has four more years and it is a good day ladies and gentlemen. Also Colorado and Washington have legalized marijuana which is pretty awesome.

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