Tinderbox Girls Rock Webster Hall

Chick rockers took over Webster Hall last night as part of Alyson Greenfield’s Tinderbox Music Festival. Beginning in the early afternoon, a plethora of all-girl bands, singer/songwriters and chick fronted bands took over the stages at Manhattan’s popular venue to remind the city that girls just do it better.

Vagina Panther’s June is pretty femme and pretty deadly
Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Tinderbox featured a variety of music ranging from acoustic guitars accompanying low-key vocals to hardcore rock bordering on legit metal. The selection of artists at this year’s festivals seemed to have been geared toward appeasing all kinds of women and their lust for music.

Singer/songwriter Jamie Bendell was among the first to perform on the event’s Marlin Stage and did not disappoint. True to form, her set was heartfelt, soulful and energetic.

Not much later, while the likes of Hello Phones and Tamar Haviv entertained on the Marlin and Studio stages, the rock force that is Vagina Panther started the party on the Main Stage and welcomed Tinderbox with a proper hardcore jam session. As the only girl in the group, Vagina Panther’s front-woman, June, commanded the stage well with her ferocious drummer and intense guitarists, and when she wasn’t belting out the lyrics to their homemade songs, she was riffing with the best of them.

Following suit, Hard Nips kept the energy alive and even heightened it a bit when the three tiny girls who make up the primarily female band stormed the stage. The band’s tiny vocalist, Yoko, supplemented her triple-tone brightly colored getup with rambunctious stage presence while her bassist and guitarist rocked in every sense of the word. Bassist, Gooch, put her male counterparts to shame while wearing a skirt and fishnets. Enough said.

Hard Nips’ Yoko and The Gooch rock out in dresses
Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Throughout the day numerous other femme fatales took the stage including Jasper the Colossal, a girls-only punk band from Ohio with a dynamically hyped front lady and ZZZs, Japanese experimental band who donned all black and lace alongside the likes of Bern & the Brights, American Pinup, Computer Magic, CocoRosie and so many more talented New York women.

With issues like birth control and power over our own bodies on the line in our fucked up society, it’s refreshing to have examples like the awesome ladies at Tinderbox to help chip away at the glass ceiling we still fall victim to. Don’t fret if you missed it, because the majority of these chicks perform regularly around the city, and the rest of them are available online for a small fee. Not to mention Tinderbox will be back next year. Get ready.

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