Review: Déjà Vu Bakery

One of the favorite parts of my job is that I get to meet people with similar passions and inspirations. On a cold Fall night, I met with Lana, owner of the new Déjà vu Bakery. As we sat in a Barnes & Noble on in Midtown, I listened to how the homemade cookie business came to be.

In a pastel themed box, sat the cookies of Lana’s business. The branding of the box is cheerful and homey with its soft colors and script writing. It gave the impression of comfort, much like the company’s name. When I asked Lana why she named it “Déjà vu Bakery”, she explained that it was the initial idea of “Déjà vu” that inspired her. Deriving from the French term for “already seen”, it’s the idea of feeling or seeing something that makes you feel you have already experienced it. Cookies, to Lana, are reminders of comfort and an enjoyable experience.

After going through the menu and trying the cookies, I will say that the overall packaging and product remind me of cookies past. Priced at a reasonable $1-$1.50 each, the cookies are soft, sweet, and some unique. My personal favorite was the “Campfire Cookie”. Mixed with a buttery base, gooey marshmallow, and hints of chocolate chips, I was transported back to my childhood and Girl Scouts.

Speaking of Girl Scouts, another popular favorite is the Mint-A-Mers. A chocolatey, mint flavored cookie reminds anyone of the traditional “Thin Mints” cookies, but in a softer, chewier form.

For something unique and a bit off the normal flavors, try the “Gone Bananas”. Made with bananas and peanut butter, it has a thicker “cake like” consistency. It can be a breakfast treat or after lunch snack. During our meeting, Lana explained that what makes Déjà Vu Bakery unique is her want to create traditional desserts, in a cookie form.

After sampling a few of her homemade delicacies, I say she’s on the right track.

Move over cupcakes. Cookies are the new trend.

Déjà vu Bakery

Recommended for: Gifts, Snacking, Impressing the Boss

To place your own order, e-mail Lana at

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