The Winter Buddy

The other night, a friend of mine and I casually talked about relationships and dating over cocktails in a swanky hotel bar. As both my friend and usual “plus one” to events, we scour the scene, enjoy some drinks,  check out any potentials for him to chat up, and end the night before 10pm to avoid complications at work the next day. As one for routines, I love our set friendship’s ways, and am always interested in seeing inside the male mind. I was not disappointed on our usual Wednesday plan.

During our drunken “life” chats, my friend mentioned a plan that him and a mutual friend of ours were concocting. They believed they needed to find a girl before the cold weather and Holiday season sets in, and time was rapidly flying by. No, they did not want to find a nice girl to bring home with them for the Holidays, but moreso a warm body to keep them company during the frosty nights.

I’ll admit it, I was intrigued. 

During the summer, I always joke that I, like many singles in NYC, become apart of “summmerrr mooddeeee”. “Summer Mode”, is the term that I call the period of time where it’s all about rooftops, bathing suits, and finding that special someone for a dance, a beach day, or a night. It’s temporary and fleeting. It’s youthful and carefree.

..And it ended when Jack Frost decided to start his work again.

So now, our bronzed skin has become sickly pale. Our toned bodies are craving warm comfort foods and are loosening by the lack of outdoor activity. Our instincts beg us to hibernate, and our lack of Vitamin D wants us to snooze more, and our inhibitions to go clubbing every night and find that S.O. has frozen with the ground.

…So why not find a “Winter Buddy”? For the commitment phobes, this is the best chance to find someone and not have to worry about a long term plan. You don’t have to bring them home to mom, nor buy them a Holiday present (unless you want to, which I support). You can just enjoy their company, know that you have a guaranteed “in”, and step away from the New York City pressured dating scene.

Take a breather, slip under the covers, and don’t come out until the ground starts to thaw.

By then, you’ll be ready to pursue more with that person (gasp!) or part ways.

…Hey, if they can handle you through Movember, they’re a keeper.




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