A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing and Wearing the Little Black Dress

**Guest author Kenny Sun brings his fashion advice to the Classic Must Have Wardrobe Staple**

The little black dress is a classic piece of garment that will never go out of fashion. Every woman keeps a little black dress in her wardrobe especially because she knows that only this dress can save her whenever she does not have time or money to get a new outfit for a special event. A great thing about this dress is that it can fit any possible occasion, including business functions, birthdays, and weddings.

However, the fact that many ladies have a little black dress hidden in their closets can easily make a woman to change her mind with regard to wearing this piece of garment. This is mainly because this dress can prevent a woman from standing out among other women who wear the same dress. But, if you are able to choose the right little black dress for you, and you learn how to wear it, you will discover the best possible outfit that can help you to stand out from the crowd regardless of the occasion.

How to Pick the Right Little Black Dress for You

Most probably, you already know that there is a wide variety of little black dresses on the market. An interesting aspect is that some dresses have more suitability and style than others. If you intend to choose such a dress for you, it is important to bear in mind a few points. Getting a daywear suitable for business events is not as easy as it seems. However, if you decide to choose the little black dress that comes along with a slashed neckline, you just cannot go wrong. Definitely, you should avoid getting a dress with veil or accessories, which skim your body contour. The dress should drop below your knee so that you can also wear it for the office. As you intend to wear this dress during the day, you should always choose a soft, matte fabric. If you wish to get a little black dress for different evening events, it is crucial to select a well-shaped piece, which comes along with straps, veils, or other accessories. Its length can end on the knee or right above it. As well, you should get a silky, glossy fabric, which can add elegance to your appearance.

How to Wear the Little Black Dress

It is essential to know that, although black is a classic, elegant color, it does not suit everyone. If you have a pale skin tone, you must choose the right makeup combinations. For instance, a red lipstick combined with a bold, trendy eye shadow can help you to look really great. As well, you have to get a modern hairstyle, which perfectly fits you and complements the little black dress. This dress was created to improve women’s look. Thus, you have to learn how to wear it in order to enhance your overall appearance.

In addition to these two points, it is also important to understand that the little black dress is one of the few outfits that require additional accessories. This means that you must not forget to complement it with a beautiful pair of earrings and an assorted necklace. As well, you should choose an appropriate purse and pair of shoes, which fit the event that you wish to attend.

By simply selecting a pair of red, silver, or golden shoes of a particular style and a cool-looking purse, you can enhance the dress with contrasting colors and styles. You may also complement your dress with other chic accessories, such as a scarf or a belt.

Author Box:

Kenny is an expert in selecting the right fitting dresses and that too of matching color combinations. He does so in such a manner that any accessory finds a taste of suitability on the respective dress codes. To get more advice on the stylish outfits, you can visit his blogs on dresses and other wardrobe accessories like hangers etc.

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