…Sex Robots?

Dear Huffington Post,

Although I understand it is your duties as a media source to bring about what is the biggest scoop, your theory on sex robots leaves me confused and a little weirded out. From the 11/9 article on Huffington Post,  it is explained that another website, Transhumanity, explained that the key to living longer lives is by giving users “mind blowing” orgasms.

They explain that the robot partners will be patient, multi talented, and better than a regular “meat bag” partner.

Again…Society, what are we doing?

If we were to strip down our human behavior, ignore feelings and the gallons of ice cream we have cried over when they never called us back, our animal instincts would come out and say the basic purpose of sex is to procreate. Yet, here are people focusing their talents and energy on an idea that absolves procreation. So, when did robot prostitutes become the big idea? We haven’t even found the cure for the common cold yet! Or, what about making robots that do something productive? Also, who is sitting around with their 9AM Dunkin Donuts thinking “Oh Yeah, I think we should make a four tongued robot to get my rocks off”.

From what was the 70s plastic blow up doll to now the futuristic sex robot, there seems to be a common theme. Some people can’t handle human interaction. Or, maybe they just can’t get it. Although this idea freaks me out, I know many pencil pocket wearing geniuses out there going “Giddity Giddity” over this idea. No judgements….just hoping the machine doesn’t lock or freeze on anything awkward. Imagine that 911 Emergency call.

Personally, I am a little creeped out. I can’t watch the full Terminator movie, and I don’t intend to. If this is the way our world is becoming, I don’t even know if I want to procreate. To imagine my future offspring having to deal with this, is a reason enough to swear off men and hope society gets the right idea before it’s too late. They make movies like the Matrix and Terminator because it feeds on our potential fears. We know how those movies end, and yet we’re pursing these advancements. Sure, it makes total sense guys.

Although you will have to wait until 2050 to get your hands on some metal love, I think it’s safe to say that many men out there should step up their game. If we women run to the nearest drugstore to get the latest eye cream with it’s anti aging capablities, can you imagine what these futuristic space suited women will do when something like a sex robot gives pleasure and offers longevity?

In the words of Transhumanity….move over “meat bags”



One thought on “…Sex Robots?

  1. AM,
    This is awesome. I saw the same article, and I thought WTH? And even though I do agree with the multiple orgasm situation lol; sadly I’m not into robots, and heck, even if I was, 2050 is way to long to wait. I’m an instant gratification kind of girl 😀

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