Once A Wingman…Review of James Holeva’s “The Wingman Chronicles”

In his first tell all book, comedian/actor/author James Holeva writes about the trials of being a “Wingman”. The Wingman Chronicles: An Autobiographical Novel is an adventure from start to finish. It is an gritty, honest portayal of modern society, and an insight to the modern male mind.  James Holeva’s known for his “hold nothing back” Q&A’s on Twitter and comedy routine.

One of my favorite themes overall of the book, is the Wingman’s “you only live once” attitude. Holeva does what he wants, does what makes him happy, and has a “take no prisoners” attitude, that leaves you questioning whether or not you should hate him. In society, any story involving players or serial daters often becomes negative. Yet with The Wingman Chronicles, you can’t help but want to know what happens next.

The first chapter dives right into it- starting with rescuing a damsel in distress from her boring date

..while she’s still on the date.

When the yuppie broke for the bathroom. I made my move.”

It’s crude and it’s crass, but Holeva’s comedic writing style keeps you on your toes. Just when you think it’s too much, too crude, he brings you back in as he asks himself “Am I incapable of getting attached?”

Much like my dating advice column, Advice in the AM, I find it hard to balance the line between too crude and too quiet. In our ever changing society, we juggle with doing what we feel is right for ourselves, or society. In The Wingman Chronicles, Holeva is conflicted between continuing to do what he knows, or changing his ways. He could get a girlfriend, or he could screw any girl that comes within a five mile radius. His indecision reflects much of the questions those in their 20s feel, and his blunt attitude reflects the things most people want to say. His redeeming qualities are his constant indecision with what he wants, and his variety of adventures. I’m not going to lie to you and say the book isn’t mostly about sexcapades. However, it separates itself from romance novels or porn because it’s mixed with personal stories about Holvea’s life. As he reflects on what he wants, he brings anecdotes about family into the mix, and you wait to see if he will fall for one of his “broads”.

Does the wingman get the girl at the end of the story? Unless you read it, you’ll never know.

In any case, the idea of the wingman lives on.

I was able to chat with James about his upcoming book and his passion for sex, writing, and crazy bitches.

What is more your passion: writing or comedy?

I’m equally passionate about writing, comedy, and acting. I created and starred in “The Wingman” TV Pilot which is currently being shopped around as well as my short film, “The Wingman: Bingo Night Creepin’.” The book is structured like I want a series based on it on HBO or Showtime to be. I want to write, star, produce and direct it, and many of the scripts are already written.

I like writing because it’s such a solitary process, by myself, and I take all the research that I’ve done – yes, that kind of research – and turn it into stories. In standup, I love the live aspect and the audience interaction that goes with it. Although I am a writer and have a full act of bits, jokes, and physical comedy the biggest part of my show is the crowd work. Every show is different as I like to make the most of the live medium. There are things you could do in a book that you can’t do on-stage or in a show. I like to take advantage of the perks of each medium, and work to be the best I could in that medium. I’m also focused on building my overall brand, connecting with my fans, and building my fanbase.

Do you plan on writing a follow up? What is your inspiration for the next book?

Yes. The sequel is coming along very nicely, and like with this book the inspiration is the women I come across and the crazy adventures I have, and all that goes with it. My goal is to show all sides of what it is to be a player, but a high class one. Of course the sex, but the fun, the adventure, the craziness, the balls that it takes, the emotions behind it, and even the consequences. The next book will have crazy stories, be very funny, have lots of hot sex scenes, however it will go much deeper into who I am. I’m also planning a third book in “The Wingman Chronicles” series, and hopefully more, as well as working on several other novels, in different genres as well.

Have the girls in your books recognized their stories/confronted you about it? If so, positive/negative reaction?

Actually, I’ve had girls contacting me telling me stuff like “Oh, I guess you’re obsessed with me after all this time with writing about me in your book.” Or “Yeah, okay, I don’t know you were here, but tell people what you want. It’ll be good advertising.” There are broads claiming they were part of the book and giving me like a bragging complaint. They’re pumped that they’re in the book, but trying to act pissed, yet they’re not actually in it. I’ll be like, ”That wasn’t you at all, she was way hotter and a much better fuck. Keep trying though.”

Your book described in one sentence.

All the uncouth adventure, balls, fun, explicit sex, crazy bitches, emotion and consequences are included in this three-dimensional humorous, erotic, autobiographical novel about a twenty-something player who refuses to let anyone stifle his adventure.

To purchase your own copy of The Wingman Chronicles, click here.

The Wingman himself will be performing in New York City on December 14th.

WHEN: Friday, December 14th, 9:30pm

**Please note it is requested that you get there early, as doors open at 9pm. There will be a personal meet and greet after the show**

WHERE: Stage 72 (Formerly the Triad)

158 W 72nd St New York, NY 10023


To buy tickets, click here.

To like James Holeva on Facebook, click here

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