The Carlton Hotel’s New Specialty Suites, Penthouse, and Restaurant Give a Taste of Old New York

The Carlton Hotel's Corner Pocket Penthouse Suite
The Carlton Hotel’s Corner Pocket Penthouse Suite

When I think about Old New York, I think about a classic hotel bar. Something a little dim, possibly smoky, and soft music in the background. With a martini in one hand, it’s hard not to think of Old New York Glamour. One of my favorite places to become immerged into one of these scenarios is The Carlton Hotel.

Designed by W+CO Design Studio, The Carlton Hotel’s historic past is brought to life with the unveiling of three new specialty suits and the revitalization of two penthouse suites. The Broadway Diva Suite, The Speakeasy Suite and The Terrace Suite are imbued with signature design elements rooted in New York City’s past, providing guests with a one-of-a-kind experience. In addition, the Penthouse suites bring a resurgence of edge, elegance and luxury in Carlton’s Corner Pocket and Carlton’s New Yorker Suite.

The redesign of Carlton’s suites pays tribute to the hotel’s early beginnings. Opened in 1904 as the Hotel Seville, the property was designed by iconic Beaux Arts architect Harry Allen Jacobs. Following a significant renovation, the Seville was renamed Carlton hotel, and the hotel created the character “Carlton” to communicate with guests and inspire design. This character, Carlton, has a history as rich as the hotel, and this history is brought to life in the new suites. Carlton’s new suites provide an immersive experience for guests, allowing visitors to journey to memorable time periods in the comfort of their own rooms.

The Carlton's Diva Suite

The Carlton’s Diva Suite

“The Carlton has such a fascinating past and a wealth of interesting stories that we aimed to bring Carlton himself to life,” said General Manager Victor Freeman. “Our whimsical new suites will give our guests a chance to enjoy the opulence and craftsmanship of Carlton’s New York past, as well as all the comforts of today.”

Paying reverence to New York’s Golden Age of Broadway, the Broadway Diva Suite reimagines a palatial dressing room ideal for a leading lady in a hit musical. Indulgent and accented by mirrors, playbills, and over-the-top bedding, this suite is an extravagant backstage haven designed to be a luxurious escape from the city streets.

For those who prefer a well-kept secret, the Speakeasy Suite transports guests to the Prohibition Era for a taste of disobedience. The biggest thrill comes from the hidden back room, attached to the bedroom in the suite. This “secret” door between the bedroom and living room is camouflaged by a classic bookcase and accessible only by a hidden handle. The 1920s décor includes a poker table, a small bar, dark wood paneling and period photos of flappers and G-men. When viewing the Suite, guests became immerged into the past while watching actual actors pretend to be from years past. Adding to the ambiance, guests were able to enjoy cupcakes by Prohibition Bakery.


The hidden room of The Carlton's Speakeasy Suite

The hidden room of The Carlton’s Speakeasy Suite


Finally, the Terrace Suite offers guests a bit of greenery that serves as a private oasis in the city. The suite’s living room is accented with a grass cloth wall, ginkgo flower images and a comfortable sofa with chaise lounge and throw pillows. The highlight is the private terrace with a gorgeous view of the Empire State Building. The terrace contains a small umbrella table for dining, a comfortable two-seater lounger and an outdoor rug, all surrounded by hanging plantings and romantic overhead string lighting. As the Manhattan clouds drift by, guests can relax in a lounge chair and contemplate the 106-year history of the hotel.

In addition to its three specialty suites, the hotel has renovated its two penthouse suites using Carlton’s Madison Avenue history as inspiration. These adjoining spaces on the hotel’s top floor have more than 2,000 total combined square feet and provide the perfect setting for unique New York entertaining.

Carlton’s Corner Pocket is a stylish 1,050 square foot penthouse suite outfitted with refined furniture and entertainment for the sophisticated set. Discerning gentlemen and ladies alike will relish the restored 1950s Brunswick Centennial billiards table, accented with a 24-light, crystal-tiered chandelier. While some guests may enjoy cocktails at the custom-made solid mahogany bar, others can relax at the eight-seat wrap-around luxury sofa or black leather Ralph Lauren club chair, while taking in movies on the 55-inch wall-mounted flat screen.

The stylish New Yorker Suite

Carlton’s New Yorker Suite ignites the imagination with its collection of artful pieces from around the world. Guests will revel in the menagerie of vintage furniture, including the custom 12-foot Chesterfield sofa in the suite’s living room, set of handsomely upholstered Porter Chairs, and a 1960s Italian Art Deco console table in black lacquer with twisted blown Murano glass pipes. In addition, the room boasts a white lacquer crocodile-embossed dining table under a dazzling crystal chandelier. The suite’s walls are surrounded by a series of colorful and framed New Yorker magazine covers from the 1920s through today. Other amenities include an additional half bathroom and private office stocked with a bar and barware.

Both penthouse suites feature grand king-size beds complete with six-foot upholstered, tufted headboards, sunken Jacuzzi tubs, double vanities and glass standing showers.

If you’re a local New Yorker, staying in a hotel overnight might not be something you would do (although I highly recommend). However, why not head to The Carlton Hotel’s restaurant, Milesime? With masculine dark wood, detailed décor such as mosaic floors and century old bars, the restaurant captures old romance. Featuring Chef Owner Laurent Manrique’s classic French cuisine, an Oyster Happy Hour, and delicious cocktails, a trip to the Carlton Hotel will leave you feeling like you have stepped into the past.

The Oyster Happy Hour special, featuring $1 Oysters, is one of the best in the city. Whether on a date, heading to happy hour with friends, or spending time with your girlfriends, I suggest heading to the Carlton Hotel. The architecture is impressive, the drinks are strong, and it’s one of the special places in New York City that you must try at least once while here.



92 Madison Avenue

New York, NY 10016

Phone: 212-889-7100


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