2013 Golden Globes for Comedy


The 2013 Best Comedy or Musical Series nominees for the Golden Globes have been announced and I’m telling you HBO’s Girls has to win. This year Girls is up against Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Episodes and a show apparently named Smash.

Modern Family while a very funny show has won non-stop for years now and enough is enough. Time to let someone else have the spotlight.

The Big Bang Theory is one of the worst shows in TV history. Keep in mind I have never watched this show but I have seen commercials and I’m a very good judge on these things.

Smash I’ve never even heard of so fuck them.

Episodes airs on Showtime and stars ex-Friend’s actor Matt LeBlanc. I have never seen this show either but I have read about it. Episodes is about an out of work actor named Matt LeBlanc who was a huge star on a sitcom but now he can’t find any work. This can’t win the Golden Globe because it’s not a TV show, it is just Matt LeBlanc’s everyday normal life. Plus Larry David had this idea for Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. And Curb should win the lifetime achievement award for funniest show ever.

Now on to Girls which in my flawless opinion is the best show on TV right now. Lena Dunham is a phenomenal writer, actor and her supporting cast is brilliant. The character of Adam is played by Adam Driver. He is the best character on any show. He is hilarious and creepy and weird… and I wish he was my best friend. Lena plays the leading role of Hannah who is an out of shape sloppy mess and it works perfectly. Lena is not afraid to be gross sitting in completely unflattering positions with her tits sagging shoving cake in her face saying whatever she wants.

Some jealous boring people with zero sense of humor have criticized Girls down playing it as nothing more than a show about whining, self-entitled rich kids. That is not even close to all that it is but also part of why it ‘s funny. It’s a smart well written show and I’m happy I decided to start watching it. The only reason I decided to check it out was after seeing a tweet from comedian Louis CK to Lena commenting on how funny he thought the show is. As a comedian who idolizes Louis CK I had to believe he was right, and he was.

Season one of Girls has ended but find a way to watch it and get it all in before the season two premiere on January 13, 2013. It is the only show deserving to win awards this year but I’ll be shocked if it actually does. Because the “academy” has no balls or originality. Here are the season one and two trailers. Enjoy.

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