Most Fascinating People? Come on Babs.

Barbara Walters is an asshole. I am sitting here reading through her Most Fascinating People of 2012 list and I am not so sure that in her old age she knows what the word fascinating means. Join me on this journey as we take a look at a few of these “fascinating” people.

Okay, and before we do that who the fuck is she to be deciding who is fascinating? She is a co-host on one of the most mind numbing shows on the planet. The View– are you kidding me? A bunch of cackling hens whose careers shit the bed now they have a day time talk show. Which by the way is the lowest form of entertainment outside of porn and stripping. Now the list.

Ben Affleck. If your last name is the same as an insurance company you can’t be that interesting. What has this guy done ever that makes him interesting? He’s acted in a bunch of shitty movies with a few decent ones thrown in there and he dated a shitty pop singer. Wow I’m so intrigued could someone please interview him for at least 35 minutes?

Prince Harry. I’d give her this one if she picked him the year he decided to dress up like Hitler for Halloween because that was hilarious but now he’s just some guy who isn’t as hot as his older brother. And neither of them are Jude Law so ladies get your English hot guys list in order thanks.

Then we have Honey Boo Boo and this broad just keeps popping up. Anyone who has read anything by me knows how I feel about this train wreck.

As her most fascinating person of 2012 she chose General Petraeus. How is he fascinating? All he did was fuck a woman younger and hotter than his wife. If that’s what it takes to make this list then the majority of men in the world meet the qualifications. Oh he was the head of the CIA, big deal. I’m the head of the Hannah Montana fan club you don’t see me bragging about it.

I shouldn’t blame Barbara for her lists getting shittier and shittier every year. It’s not her fault society is getting worse everyday. In the past she has had great people to choose from. Just taking a look at her 1993 list we have: Maya Angelou, Clint Eastwood, Jack Kevorkian. 1994 we have Jimmy Carter, Nelson Mandela. 2011 we have Pippa Middleton and The Kardashian Family. 2012 One Direction made the fucking list. Can you see the trend here? The list goes from people who have accomplished to people who have been given. People who are famous for achievements rather than just being there. And people wonder why I don’t want to have kids. It’s only getting worse ladies and gentleman. It’s all down hill from here.

I’m done. I check out. Have a good day and read a book. Also I understand my punctuation skills are horrible so go fuck yourself.

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