Newbs For Your Listening Pleasure

Holidays are coming up, and I love you all very much, but I don’t have any damn money to buy you gifts. Plus you bastards are greedy. Instead, I’m giving you a list of bands I’ve heard but haven’t covered this year who are worth a listen.

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First up: Silas Fermoy

Brooklyn born in band terms, Silas Fermoy is a medley of musical dudes from New York and London, England who have come together from their respective backgrounds to create a combination of old school harmony and modern catchy pop peppered with unique notes and pitches. Vocalist Joshua Mash boasts a smooth, sultry voice that threatens to completely encompass, and bandmates Jordan Brower and Sam Ellner ensure that he weaves his vocal web to a background of clean, precise melodies.

Check it: Silas Fermoy

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Next on the list: Super Water Sympathy

Lady-led, Shreveport band, Super Water Sympathy, has my vote for a few reasons. Obviously, the first one is that Shreveport is a mere hour from my homeland. Can’t resist the urge to support down-home locals. Secondly, while they may not have yet filled out their big girl panties in all the right ways, Super Water Sympathy has audible potential as a musical force. Front woman, Ansley Hughes demonstrates legit power in those vocal cords of hers, and when they find their niche, Super Water Sympathy may well have some threatening power.

Don’t believe me? Make your own judgment: Super Water Sympathy

The Dazzling Dooms- Photo credit to Mary Lopez

Also try: The Dazzling Dooms

Retro rock in all its glory, The Dazzling Dooms make me happy in a way only their breed of band can. Imagine if Tantric and Staind had delicious rock sex and made a beautiful baby. If that band of babies hopped around Brooklyn, the East Village, the LES and other poppin parts of the ever-sexy NYC, it would probably be called The Dazzling Dooms. If you need a better description, get the hell off my page.

Dazzle this: The Dazzling Dooms

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From outside our borders: Reptiles

In some words, the dudes from Reptiles are masters of dirty punk rock, and frankly, is there a better kind? Methinks not. The last time I heard punk music like this was on some obsolete CD in middle school. Let that sink in for a second. In terms of genre-worthy, Reptiles are pretty much the definition of punk. Playing for themselves, keepin’ the beat in the blood and saying whatever the fuck they want, it’s hard not to like them, and if you don’t, fuck off. The only thing depressing about Reptiles is that I missed their stateside shows. I won’t let it happen again.

Prepare yourself: Reptiles

Obviously I listened to much more music worthy of a shoutout, but I don’t wanna overload you guys before Saint Nick drops in. After all, if you read my boy Matt Donato’s list of Christmas horror movies, you know you may need to prepare to defend your life. Merry Christmas, Nato. Oh and the rest of you too.

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