Well Excuse Me, Princess. No One Needs Rescuing Here.


Playing homage to the hallowed halls of CBGB’s and The Stone Pony, and rocking the larger sacred stages of Madison Square Garden and Irving Plaza are impressive career highlights for members of any band. However, the talented roster of musicians in Well Excuse Me, Princess aren’t going to stop there–even if that means completely changing their genre.

Well Excuse Me, Princess takes an unconventional route as these seasoned veterans of the hardcore scene are reinventing “Pop-Punk,” or are pioneering a new “PopCore” genre. With the catchy hooks of their debut single “Bang Head Here” your earbuds get a dose of “listen up!” and your attention is grabbed. The song packs its punch through frontwoman Jess Goldey (My Turn To Win).

The term “Well Excuse Me, Princess” couldn’t have been a better title when examining the coined catch phrase versus the band’s voice.  A female with four male band mates can be intimidating, even more so when your bandmates have street cred in the hardcore scene. However, this damsel seems far from distressed.  “I’m a woman that’s been in a male-dominated hardcore scene for years. I’m used to doing something different,” Goldey explains. With that attitude, Goldey does not shy or seem intimidated. Instead, her her stage presence and energy quickly dismiss any doubts that she won’t be able to keep up with her hardcore band mates. By delivering rock vocals with a sweet twist, a catchy hook, and locking down a big, consistent guitar sound, it’s hard not to like what she’s throwing down. Her calm and captiviating persona reminds us of early contemporary parallels like Paramore, or even a new age of rock royalty like Joan Jett. The bandmates, along with Goldey, hit the stage with energy and attitude, and you’re left thinking “they’re badass”.

Goldey’s candid lyrics and addicting melodies are framed by infectious and crafty guitar riffs as aggressive drumlines (Pete LaRussa, No Redeeming Social Value, Most Precious Blood, District 9) steadily drive the song with lively drum fills and effortless double bass spurts. The song’s underbelly is rounded out by slick bass walks (Arthur Smilios, Gorilla Biscuits, CIV, Token Entry) that add flavor while serving as a consistent percussive force. The sound has an overall upbeat vibe, a direct product of their approach.

“Bang Head Here” is debuting on underground record label Dignified Bastard, whose founder, Kevin Gill, also brought SFT Records (Striving For Togetherness) to NYHC glory in the 90’s. He quickly saw the band’s potential, and signed them on the strength of a rough demo created by Goldey.

The debut track is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Music. Check out Well Excuse Me, Princess at at the Hall of Williamsburg as they open for H2O’s “Thicker Than Water” album anniversary (With Stigma and Wisdom in Chains).

WHERE:  Music Hall of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY
WHEN: December 27 Doors at 6, Show at 7
TICKETS: $20 in advance, $25 day of show
Check out their Facebook Fan Page here.

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