Gatsby Style

In lieu of the highly anticipated film adaptation of The Great Gatsby, one of America’s greatest classic novels, fashion trends are inspired by the 1920s heading into Spring. We’ve seen this inspiration for a few seasons now, but as the movie became pushed back to 2013, styles moved with them. Women’s Fashion in the roaring twenties was all about elegance. The 1920s is also the decade in which fashion entered the modern era. It’s the first decade where women abandoned the restricting fashions of past years (such as corsets) and began to wear pants (scandalous).  From 1925, the public passionately embraced the styles associated with the Roaring Twenties, known as “The Flapper”. These styles continue to characterize fashion until early in the 1930s.


Dresses from the 1920s were all about the detail. Beads, pearls, sheer fabric, collars, etc covered the dresses. These fashions are why retailers today continually copy them-because they’re elegant and they don’t go out of style. Last Fall we saw the introduction of the Peter Pan color into tops or dresses, and it continues on into spring. We’re loving these two dresses, as the lower V-neck of the first Flapper-inspired dress and the sheer fabric with the Peter Pan color of the second are both great updates. Creams, whites, and beiges are fresh pops to your Spring wardrobe.




The Cloche Hat and 1920s Hairstyles

Feathered headbands, sequined caps, and turbans are often the image associated with the flapper look were really an art nouveau left over from the 1910 to mid 1920s.  Popular hairstyles included the classic finger waves on a short crop, or a bob. Hat Fashion depended on the hair style. In the early 1920s, hats were initially wider in order to cover the longer hairstyle fashions. As more women cut their hair into the “Flapper” crop or bob, the hats became tighter. During this era we are introduced to the Cloche Hat, which in my opinion, is a staple in every wardrobe and the most chic hat ever.

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This Target Cloche Hat is priced at an affordable $12.74!


Topshop's Faux Fur Jacket

Topshop’s Faux Fur Jacket

Women’s Outerwear in the 1920′s

Wrap over coats were the essential style, especially in the winter/spring transition period. Everything was about details and elegance. Coats were fashioned with large buttons and/or belts. In true “lady” style, the coat lining was often fashioned to match dress fabric. We see this style reinvented later on with style icon Jackie Kennedy. From full length fur (sorry PETA) to fur trims, accents of fur was a luxurious part of 1920s fashion. This Faux Fur version made by Topshop has the vintage inspired funnel neck to not only give off warmth but also make you feel like your inner silent icon movie star.







Beading, Gold, and Glass: Let’s Talk Accessories

Accessories were all about feminine details. This J. Crew necklace, for example, is a great update to the 1920s style. This classic collar necklace is great with a button down or dress. It’s mupdates to the 19020s are the faceted crystals surrounding oval center stones, which add a modern twist. From long gold earrings to pearls, accessories always complemented the outfit.








When in doubt, think about elegance. Think detailing, luxury, and feeling like you have your own Daddy Warbucks. Would a silent film actress wear ripped boyfriend jeans and a flannel? No, no they would not.


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