Review: Broke Wide Open


Once upon a time, in a land far away, aka New York, Rock Wilk was born. What follows is a journey unlike any other. The story starts in a hospital followed by an adoption agency, and a portrait that becomes the highlight of his production while he searches for answers that define his existence: all while using his experiences in the current moment of his life to mend the past.

Yes, it is true we all come from different places and even though we think we know ourselves we sometimes neglect and live in denial that the past plays a crucial role in shaping our future. This is why Broke Wide Open is a must see for everyone struggling through different adversities and or complexes which inhibit self growth through acceptance and personal transformation and Rock does a magnificent job well done to help alleviate our daily crutches prohibiting us to move forward in life.

Rock, a Jewish Hip Hop artist who enjoys using the NYC subways to expand and find enlightenment and inspiration for his work, injects incredible poetic justice through bold and intense statements and actions to intensify the passion to re-claim his identity. Additionally as we travel back and forth within the past and present, he sprinkles and creates unexpected yet outstanding metaphors and surprises in between each segment.

Rock Wilk, with the help of Rain Pryor and donations from people who once were strangers came together to help Broke Wide Open manifest and unleash its potential to the world. When you see Rock perform, it feels as if you are the one within the story and because he is a muse and incredible storyteller, he encourages the desire to dissect our personal lives deeper than before and help find our middle ground in this world.  After the show, it is an honor to speak with Rock and share his ambitions to conquer Broadway, international streets and venues as his portal to motivate humanity to respect the past and people with diverse backgrounds.


One last bit of information, Broke Wide Open will be running until January 11 2013, but be sure to stay updated on Rock’s next tour here.

45th Street Theater

354 West 45th Street (between eighth and ninth Avenues)

New York, NY 10036

2 thoughts on “Review: Broke Wide Open

  1. Great review! Thanks for posting it. I, too, believe in Rock, though I live too far away from NYC to go see the production. Best wishes. Rock on, Rock!!

    • Hi Beth,

      Thank you very much. This was such an amazing show and it makes you think about a lot of things in life and it truly exceeded my expectations and Rock is phenomenal; more to come:-D

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