Everest Cale Unleashes “Beast”

Previous NY Social Status feature band, Everest Cale had an especially exciting night last Friday. Thankfully our awesome music editor was part of it.

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

After what can only be assumed was hard work and dedication, Everest Cale released their first ever music video at Pianos in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Featuring what is easily the best song on their same-titled debut EP, Beast, the music video centers around a woman who can essentially be described as a “man-eater” (no..that’s not the definition of woman).

Kept company by the likes of Basement Batman, Stone Cold Fox, and Moon Furies, Everest Cale followed the release of the video with an amazing set thick with their old-school rootsy rock sound and its capacity to smoothly disintegrate the rest of the world.

Despite disappointment that I missed Basement Batman (yet again..still not sure if that band is even legit..), Friday night at Pianos was emotional and enjoyable, thanks to Everest Cale.

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