Review: Downtown Girls

Downtown Girls is a new web series airing on about four broke girls just trying to make it through their last year of college in New York City. The show is based around the actors real life experiences and will consist of several 3-5 minute episodes. The actors are Emebeit Beyene, Crystal Boyd, Chivonne Michelle, and Chandra Arielle Russell. According to the bio sent over by the PR company they all appear to have met at New York University’s Tisch School of Arts. Also I think I’m going to start using the Oxford comma.

To be completely honest after watching the trailer for Downtown Girls I went into this expecting to hate it. But as I watched the first episode titled “Spring Break” I found myself smiling at points. Stealing money from children is always funny and the dancing on the subway in those ridiculous suits also brought a smile to my face. While I am usually into more subtle conversation based comedy like a Seinfeld or Curb Your Enthusiasm, I have a special place in my heart for Tom Green so when done properly I can appreciate loud obnoxious humor.

I feel it is unfair to judge any show based on a first episode but hating one can make me never watch again. And they did their job of making me want to see more and to see where this is going. I know how hard it is to write comedy and to write episodes is even harder but one complaint I have is how short they are. This first one was only four minutes long and I feel like some of the bits were rushed because of it. Some of the scenes could have been expanded with some conversation instead of just jumping from one gag to the next. It seemed as if just as something was about to get funny it ended and moved to the next scene.

I suggest checking out Downtown Girls for yourself because judging from their comments on YouTube people love it. I will definitely watch it again and hope it grows on me. Not enough people are trying out new and original things and it makes me happy as a comedian when one is good. I think these girls definitely have the potential for something good here. The address to watch their videos is here.


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