Tiger Blanket’s Emmy Wildwood Oozes Passion

Emmy Wildwood: Tiger Blanket Records founder or multi-faceted rocker chick? Answer: Both.

Front-woman for Brooklyn band, Velta, Wildwood boasts a wide variety of talents, skills and current projects. Plus, she’s kind of an interesting person.

For starters, she’s in about 6,000 different bands. More accurately three, but two of them are Velta and an all girls Guns ‘N Roses cover band dubbed Guns ‘N Hoses. If you’re somehow not interested yet, please note that the cover band recently put out Christmas music under the code name Leather Tuscadero. While she’s obviously into all of her bands, Wildwood confesses that she has a favorite.

Photo credit to tigerblanketrecords.com

Photo credit to tigerblanketrecords.com

“Velta is my passion,” she says. “I love to play rock and roll. That’s my thing.”

Aside from her involvement in these bands, Wildwod is and has been involved in a plethora of other projects and initiatives. Naturally, as the experience is all hers, she explains it best.

“Here’s the truth,” she begins. “I was working full-time, bartending on two nights, running the label, playing in three separate bands and writing, and I was burning out. I was really ready to be happy and do things I authentically wanted to do.”

Next question: What is it that Wildwood authentically wants to do?

“This is all I wanna do,” she answers. “Write with people and create a community.”

After selling her store in Tuscon, Arizona for funds to move to the big city and cut a record, Wildwood has gotten herself into the position to do exactly that. Not long after moving, she opened a vintage clothing store in Brooklyn called Tiger Blanket Records. From this small space she not only advises the purchase of vintage threads, she also collaborates with other musicians in the designated space she’s created for writing and jam sessions. Much of this mutual effort results in the release of songs, and sometimes albums, under the Tiger Blanket label.

While Wildwood has had many amazing experiences along the route she took to Tiger Blanket (i.e. posing for Vogue Italia!!!), it’s clear that music and the way it makes her feel is more important to her than anything.

“Music is so pretentious,” she admits, “and it’s so annoying to try and make music under those conditions. I just feel like musicians should help each other.”

Wildwood is doing her part to start this trend by helping bands in Brooklyn press 7-inch albums for distribution only in Tiger Blanket Records. In doing this, she aims not only to help the bands directly by providing a service and place to market, but by also providing a safe space for musicians to work together and share with each other.

“My store is kind of like a lifestyle store instead of a clothing store,” she explains. “I just want a community vibe. I hope to connect other people that way. I love this. I love that I’m part of this.”

Photo credit to tigerblanketrecords.com

Photo credit to tigerblanketrecords.com

Whether she’s connecting people through her store or her music, Wildwood has my approval. The girl moved me to the point of asking for a hug, then she gladly obliged, satisfying a need I hadn’t even been truly aware of. No matter who else is at the next Velta show (10 p.m. on February 22 at Arlene’s Grocery), I know this girl will be, because I may only be a banana, but I’ve got a brain and an appreciation for good music.

Who: Velta

Where: Arlene’s Grocery, 95 Stanton St.

When: February 22 @ 10 p.m.

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