“24” Reasons to Love The LoveHowl

Ok. First, I lied. I’m not going to give you 24 reasons. Sorry. Get over it. But I will give you a few.

1. They’re a band, and they make cool music. Obviously this is the best reason to like any band. Composed of vocalist and rhythm guitarist, Amy Sheehan; guitarist, Alex Sherba; bassist, Jonah Durning-Hammond; and drummer, Jonathan Vergara, The LoveHowl has been making music together as a complete band for about a year, and they’re kiiinda good at it. The band provides a smooth, yet energetic backdrop for Sheehan’s sultry voice, which could easily compete with Gwen Stefani’s, pre-No Doubt breakup. Sheehan’s definitely not carrying the sound, though, an obvious fact both in live and recorded performances, during which Vergara, Durning-Hammond and Sherba display their musical prowess with smiles on their faces (I’m only assuming they smile during the recordings..).

Photo credit to ARKO Photography

Photo credit to ARKO Photography

2. They met on Craigslist. And none of them are dead. Enough said.

3. They’re genuinely entertaining people. I sometimes drink too much, so I record most of my interviews. I’ve listened to this one at least three times, just for fun. This group of dudes (and chick) are legitimately awesome to chill with. Checklist for friends: Make good music, check. Buy me alcohol even when I insist I don’t want it, check. Arm wrestle at bars, check. Eat diner food at 2 a.m., check. Winners.

4. The drummer is a pyromaniac. He’s apparently been forcibly removed from The Cake Shop for lighting a drumstick on fire, a statistic I’m inclined to believe, considering he actually attempted to light his scarf on fire during this interview. When he and the guitarist finish describing the event, Vergara wraps it up succinctly.

“He took my drumsticks man, and then I quit the drums,” he claims, “and then I started drinking.”

We all know it goes downhill from there.

5. The bassist wears a backgammon board as clothing. It really doesn’t seem like I need to go into detail here. An actual backgammon board. Couldn’t have been very warm, but he rocked it.

That's right. Pancakes. Just like the delicious breakfast goodness.

That’s right. Pancake. Just like the delicious breakfast goodness.

6. They’re releasing their first single as a band next month – Upcoming music is always a great reason to love a band, and The LoveHowl doesn’t disappoint here. After releasing an EP under only Sheehan’s name nearly two years ago, the band is finally ready to give us their first double-sided single (right before Valentine’s Day–appropriate considering their name). See reason to love number 7 for what may be the best part of this upcoming single.

7. They produce all their music on their own. Led by Vergara, the group’s sound engineer, The LoveHowl self-records and produces all their own music with no outside help. Vergara runs his own studio (Pancake Studios) and handles all the album production for The LoveHowl and various other musicians. That’s a hell of an accomplishment for any band, and they get mad points for it as far as NYSS is concerned.

8. Their first single is based around the concept of the show “24,” which with both the vocalist and guitarist are obsessed. Not gonna lie–it seemed a little weird at first; however, with Sheehan’s unique vocals and lyrical style, it actually works for these guys and is in fact rather catchy. I’d say I haven’t listened to it approximately 37 times so far, but that would be a lie, and that’s not how I roll.

9. Before the release party, the band is releasing several 1 minute webisodes inspired by the show, “24.” Yup, each episode may or may not have anything to do with the actual band or release of the double-sided single, according to Sherba. The most I could get from him was, “We’re in it!”

10. Their release party is within walking distance of my apartment. Number of people this benefits: 1. Coolness factor: Maximum. The LoveHowl is releasing the double-sided single at Brooklyn’s Rock Shop, which sits conveniently within a few blocks from the heart of Park Slope. Support local music!!

11. Two of the members’ names start with A, and the others start with J. Ok…maybe not a reason to LOVE them, but it’s still cool.

12. They created their name in a booth at The Cake Shop. It’s best to just let Sheehan explain this one.

Photo credit to ARKO Photography

Photo credit to ARKO Photography

“I kept asking the guys what names they liked and they all gave me dumb joke names like ‘Amy’s Back’ (that was Sir Vergara),” she remembers. “The LoveHowl came from a previous bassist who ended up leaving the band. There was a ballad we used to play where I sing a lot of high ‘oooohs’ and he said it was like I was howling for love. It was the only serious suggestion from a bunch of dudes, and I thought it sounded cool too.”

Thus, The LoveHowl was born.

13. Their guitarist used the word “hodgepodge” during the interview. Now I have an excuse to use it in my article. Win.

14. At their first show I attended, they covered Ace of Base. Unbeknownst to me, it was all that I wanted, rather than another baby.

15. The guitarist is a Libra (just like yours truly). That’s stretching it, but Libras are very cool.

That’s all you’re getting. If you can think of another reason, come tell me at The Rock Shop on February 8, and I’ll give you a cookie (**offer does not apply to current LoveHowl members).

What: The LoveHowl releases their first single…and it’s double-sided!

Where: The Rock Shop, 249 4th Ave., Brooklyn, NY

When: February 8, 2013 @ 7 p.m.

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